taking risks

over the years, i have learned one must take risks in order to experience life to the fullest; every person needs to decide if the benefits outweigh the risks; in the end, the risk may end in disaster or exhilaration; over the past month of being without a job, i examined the opportunities that involve taking risks; in the end, the experiences may end in bitter disappointment or joyful exhilaration – and the possibility of being neutral, not likely; therefore, i will use this opportunity in relationships- dig deep coupled with transparent honesty- and travel – leaving my comfort zone to explore new challenges- and my life- trusting God in ALL aspects of my life

all i ask of you- the person reading this: pray for me; pray my heart and words will transform people around me; pray for transparent honesty and an open heart; ears and eyes to hear and see God work His will in my life



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