random thoughts to beat the vicious cycle

as a travel nurse, days off can be lonely; I try to combat the loneliness by exhausting myself with physical activity; other times I savour the time alone- read the Word, journal all of my feelings, read while the sun shines down, nap as the hammock shields my eyes from the bright sun; other times, I’m lonely & that starts a vicious cycle of depression without motivation, which turns to watching television alone: & you know how Netflix just reels you in;

as much as I despise venturing out on the weekends, I comply if friends ask because I enjoy the conversations and adventures; during this assignment, I knew there would be many days of sitting inside as my goal is to finish my #savvytraveleraj224asia2016 scrapbook; in saying that, when I told my Arizona mom about this, her reply “that’s a great recipe for disaster/depression for you” – oh she knows me so well; today, I finished a couple of pages of the scrapbook, but I’m not a fan of this scrapbook- I haven’t pinpointed the exact reason, but I’m hinting at a couple of reasons: new layout, unable to add/remove pages, organization is off, not my ‘scrappin’ style; after finishing 3 pages, I went for a 2 km swim, then adult nursing duties called, then I finished another page, then went 4 miles on the beach in soft sand; unmotivated to complete more pages, surfed the Internet & goofed off, called it a night


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