27 July – savvytraveleraj224asia2016

8:30a- wake up (the boys slept late too)

9:00a – head out to Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii on the East side of the island for some water sport fun;

we rented 2 double kayaks and a paddle board; we paddled over to flat island (it was tough paddling out there as we were paddling against the current and against the wind)

we cruised around the island on foot (i do not recommend going barefoot) we saw eggs and birds on the island

we left the island and headed over to Lanikai Beach, where we enjoyed the beach, playing in the sand, and some snacks!

Leo and I paddled one of the double kayaks over to Molokai island – it took us 35 minutes to paddle out there against the current and the wind, but with another man matching your strokes helps out tremendously – i do not think i would have made it without his help; at the island, we saw the Hawaii state mammal: Hawaiian Monk Seal; we paddled back to Lanikai Beach!

When we returned to Lanikai Beach, Leo wanted to try his hand at the paddle board.  He tried it out – he did manage to stand on it – for a short while!  Ocean paddle boarding is much more difficult than lake and river paddling!  Lauren also commented on the level of difficulty of paddle boarding as she wasn’t able to stand and paddle.  The boys also enjoyed the board!

We paddled back to Kailua – and I made it back while standing the entire time!

We headed out to Tommy’s Burgers for dinner!

We all returned to the condo absolutely exhausted, but the little one asked “are we going swimming?” as soon as we pulled in the parking lot for the condo!  No, we did not go swimming, we went to sleep!


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