26 July #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

26 July- Hawaii

wake up: 5:30am as Tyler woke up at this time (& honestly I never really went to sleep)
breakfast: Mac n Cheese at 12 midnight, soup at 6 am, fruit at 8am
9a: head out to Waikiki area
11am: head out on Atlantis submarine dive: 100 feet down to explore the creatures of the ocean: white tip reef shark, jellyfish, black tip reef shark, sea turtle, and lots of fishes
1pm: Maui Veggie Burger and an Island Fish Taco (thanks, Lauren, for sharing)
2:30pm: hike to Diamondhead Crater: the boys even made it to the top
5p: swimming at beach, lagoon, pool until all lips were chattering
7p: return to condo for ice cream and beer for dinner (fend for yourself)
Children asleep and adults exhausted


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