24 July #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

24 July

wake up: 6am & conversations with Harry
7:15am: hop on motorbike with all luggage as Nguyen offered to take me to the Vietnam airport
7:30am: arrive at airport only to realize China Airlines counter doesn’t open until 8am
***sit and wait****
open the counters at 8:30- check in
Immigration/passport control/security
10:50am departure time
movie watching time: Pele and Allegiant
Arrive in Tapei, Taiwan airport
sleep, eat veggie and noodle miso soup with fresh apple/pineapple juice
sleep more
flight delayed
12midnight: board flight to Honolulu, Hawaii- don’t remember take off, remember long time of taxi-ing on runway, next thing I know, they are waking me up for breakfast (I missed dinner and snacks and water)

crossed international date line

3:35p: landed in Honolulu International Airport: did you know there is no wifi within this particular terminal at Honolulu International Airport
4p: Leo & Lauren & Tyler & Riley picked me up in Town & Country minivan and we headed to Ko Olina Resort Villages

*zombie like after traveling for 20+ hours to remember anything else


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