20 July #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

20 July

– wake up 3am
* alarm set for 4:30a, but afraid of missing flight
– pack up & ready to fly
– walk to airport (1 km): not as hot in the morning
– brekky: peanut mix and Caramel Almond Dairy Queen Blizzard from airport
– 7:15a board plane for 7:35a departure time
– 9a arrive in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
– visa, immigration, passport: long & tedious process
– exchange money
– taxi to Nguyen’s place
– Nguyen meets me and walks me to his family’s house: wife & two children in the local part of town
– discuss Vietnam
– ‘let’s take a walk’ is why he said
– 6 miles later in the middle of the city center: Post Office, Presidential Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, many local markets, Vietnamese street food
– bus back
– conversations with 2 German ladies staying here
– lay down for a nap


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