18 July #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

18 July

– 5:30 arrive Bangkok
– 6:15 check in Cazz Hostel
*hostel located on outskirts of town, coffee shop downstairs with kitchen- rooms upstairs, no windows, just enough to fit 2 bunk beds with lockers and cubby holes next to bed: clean and pristine; best part: allowed us to check in the wee hours of the morning
– 6:30 shower
– 7:00 research plans for the day
* thumb through guide books! look up websites; review blogs; check the map; too many things to see
– brekky: rice soup with egg with hostel boys, not the most delicious soup or brekky I’ve had; won’t be ordering that again, I prefer Thai noodles or roti
– plans with Megan (new friend (security blanket) from overnight bus)
*we’ve decided we’ve seen too many temples, so we are ditching the temples and exploring the city via SkyTrain
– purchased day pass to SkyTrain to explore Bangkok!
– first stop Mo Chit: last stop on SkyTrain to search for bus tickets out of Thailand (Megan travels to Laos tomorrow)
– as we got off the SkyTrain: walk through the park (beautiful, well kept, park with ponds, fountains, work out equipment, swan boats, etc)
– Jim Thompson house (American who revived the silk industry in Thailand) -http://jimthompsonhouse.com
– lunch: coconut curry & chicken & rice for Megan
– Siam Discovery (http://www.siamdiscovery.co.th/index.php)
– Terminal 21 (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terminal_21)
*cant forget the caramel movie theatre popcorn


– Patpong night market (http://www.bangkok.com/shopping-market/patpong-night-market.htm)


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