15 July #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

15 July
– wake up 7a
– bike ride into town
– pics by the sea
– sticky rice with mango (as I’ve been craving it since I saw it advertised last night on my way into town)
– kayak: 4 hour kayak ride into the mangroves- advertised; actual: 3 hours of kayaking barely into mangroves due to low tide and unable to kayak through; we stopped at caves and beaches to swim and enjoy the beautiful blue skies
– walk the streets: viewing all of the little trinkets for sale and contemplating what to buy- only to realize my bag is packed
– street food: Pad Thai: best I’ve ever had!
– kayak into the sunset: offered to help ‘guide’ the sunset tour; I kayaked through all of the mangroves and watched the sunset over the water as we kayaked out of the mangroves – beautiful! & wouldn’t you know it, my camera battery died!
– Paul & Terry for meetup:
– bike ride back to hostel at 10pm




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