6 July #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

6 July
– brekky: yogurt, museli, orange juice
– pack up
– Eco Cameron Tours: in 4×4 jeep for half day adventure
– look out point over Cameron Highlands: beautiful views of the tea plantations and surrounded by gorgeous rolling green hills
– Gunung Brinchang (highest point in Cameron Highlands): foggy from the lookout tower and colder
– Mossy Forest: the moss grows on the trees and takes all of nutrients from the tree, leaving the bark of the tree weak and ‘spongy’
– Sungei Palas Tea Centre
– Birchang for hiking path: most difficult 1 hr climb uphill over 1 hr
– walk streets back to Tana Rata
– snacks: durian, passion fruit, lychees
– hostel to wait for friends
– dinner: Sri Brinchang with 5 other travelers: veg noodles, rice, masala, thosai, roti, rojak mee, dessert thosai- banana/chocolate & strawberry & banana- all with ice cream
– patches: as we walked the streets, I found a vendor who sold cloth patches of the different countries; I bought the countries I’m visiting and will hand sew them onto my pack
– shower : hot shower
– sleep : most uncomfortable bed-


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