1 July #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

1 July

Wake up: 8:30am

Brekky: buckwheat porridge with coconut flakes & peanut butter

We headed off to Chinatown. We rode the MRT (Singapore Railway station) down to Chinatown. We walked a little ways before we stooped at a Hawker Center (food court) where we (Sarah) ordered carrot cake for us to split for lunch. It’s not the typical American sweet carrot cake- it’s not even a cake! It’s a combination of the ‘Chinese carrot’ missed with egg and other veggies. Even though it wasn’t sweet like cake, it was good. We also had popiah- the easiest way to describe it is like a lettuce wrap, but it wasn’t wrapped in lettuce – wrapped in something like a tortilla- so maybe more like a spring roll?!? We followed the food with juice. Sarah ordered me pink dragon fruit juice while she drank avocado juice. The pink dragon fruit was sweet & delicious or I was thirsty- maybe a combination of the two!

We walked through Chinatown viewing all of the little knick knacks for sale and good luck balls of yarn. We passed by a wet market p, but didn’t purchase anything.

After walking through Chinatown, we arrived at the post office where Sarah sent a forgotten article to her mother & I sent some ‘gifts’ home to myself to empty my pack just a little!

We proceeded down the way to Sarah’s old stomping ground. For the past 2 years, Sarah has lived in Singapore for the past two years working for HCC. She personally toured me around Tiong Bahru. We passed by the place she used to live, then we ended up at Plain Vanilla Bakery – her favourite little cafe with cupcakes and other sweets. We ordered a peanut butter brownie and a cinnamon sugar cupcake with a cappuccino. We relaxed by kicking off our shoes, sitting on the ground, and savouring every piece of the brownie and cupcake.

We took the MRT back to Emma’s place (place where we are staying) after stopping by the grocery store to pick up a couple more items. When you don’t have a car and rely on public transportation, everything you buy from the store, you have to carry home while walking and taking public transportation! It’s been a different experience for me!

When we arrived back at the place, we rested for a bit before I took off on a bike ride down to the canal to ride alongside the canals through the quays: Clark Key, Robertson Quay, and Boat Quay! Basically, a path for walking/biking/jogging alongside some restaurants and other small stores. At one point, I passed a couple of youth street performers. I watched for little bit before I continued pedalling down the way. All in all I was gone for 3 hours and estimating at least a 10 mile ride (5 miles to the end of the quays and return).


When I arrived back, Sarah had made rice and bitter gourd & eaten. I ate a little bit before calling it a night and falling asleep.


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