30 June #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

30 June

wake up: 8:40- first time really sleeping in on this trip

Brekky: porridge with peanut butter

After breakfast, I geared up for a run in this heat. I ran around the Singapore Botanical Gardens and walked through them back to the apartment. The gardens are beautiful full of people! As I was walking through them, I viewed the trees and all the flowers. When I first started out on my run, I didn’t want to run through the gardens to disturb the people enjoying the serene environment. However, as I was walking back through them, I realized many people run and work out in the gardens.


When I returned to the apartment, Sarah and I got ready to go and explore Little India. She wanted to how if her favorite Indian restaurant in Little India (Singapore) compared to real India. We took the MRT (train) to Little India, walked around the market, and through Little India. We walked to Kailash Parbat (Indian Restuarant), ordered Papoi Chaat as an appetizer, which was sweet and delicious with a little crunch to it. Sarah ordered a sweet lassi, which is the best one I have tasted. I didn’t order one because I haven’t liked the ones I’ve tried so far on this trip – I drank water to prevent dehydration in this heat and after my run. For the main course we ordered Basmati Rice and Paneer Butter Masala. The dish wasn’t as spicy as India, but it tasted delicious- as with many of our dishes.

After eating lunch, we visited the Indian Heritage Center, where Sarah pointed out all of the items her and her colleagues had conserved. Sarah helped open this center and even mounted a couple of items. She saw the process of the initial condition of these pieces and the final display whereas I only saw the final display in the museum. As we were viewing the items in the museum, she explained to me how the items were in the original condition and the process to conserve the items for viewing on the museum level.

We ventured down the street after the museum to see her Ayurvedic doctor. She walked me down alleyways and side streets, so even if I tried to retrace these steps, I wouldn’t be able to because I don’t know where we went. As we walked down the way, she attempted to explain the different places to me. We arrived at her doctor’s place where Sarah explained her past treatment to her. The talked about the treatment and how to continue to maximise her health benefits. They scheduled a couple of massages and the doctor wrote her prescriptions for the medicines.

After the doctor’s office, we ventured down to Little India to buy groceries at the Indian Store as the Ayurvedic Hospital encouraged Sarah to eat bland diet and provided her with Indian recipes. She bought all of the necessary items, and we split the bags while walking back to Emma’s place.

When we arrived back at Emma’s, Sarah made dinner from the hospital menu. We ate. I commented ‘oh this looks just like the kichidi at the hospital’. I meant it as a compliment, but Sarah took it as an insult. I explained to her that I thought it tasted and looked like the food we had at the hospital – thinking how similar the two were whereas Sarah thought I meant it as though it was ‘bad hospital food’. We cleaned up that misunderstanding straight away.

After dinner, she realized she forgot to pick up turmeric for her buttermilk. I offered to run down the way to pick some up for her. At some point between returning to the place and eating dinner, Sarah told me Emma had a bike. We found Emma’s bike downstairs with a gears and a lock! The bike needed just a little bit of work, so I got my hands dirty and fixed up the bike just a bit. Therefore, the opportunity to go and ride it around at night to pick up turmeric made me happy. I biked the wrong way on a one way street, got lost, and after 30 minutes found the store 5 minutes from the place. However, the place didn’t have tumeric.

I met a girl in the store who was also looking for an item the store didn’t carry. She told me where Holland Village- a place with lots of stores and a bigger grocery store. She mentioned to me that she was going there and asked if I wanted a ride. We talked a little bit, then hopped in the car to Holland Village. She explained her story to me: from Austin, TX came over with her family 10 years ago as an ex-pat and stayed. We discussed the different and fun things to do in Singapore. She (& her family) were leaving for Spain the next day. However, we exchanged numbers and I’m hoping to get a list of more things to do! After Holland Village, she dropped me back at the store near Emma’s place. I must have been gone too long because as I was walking up the path to Emma’s street, Sarah was walking down coming to search for me.

It’s interesting not having a phone overseas. Without wifi, I can’t get ahold of anyone and no one can get ahold of me. It’s bittersweet! At times it’s nice to be disconnected from the world whereas at other times it’s a bit nervewracking – especially for my parents when I’m without internet access for days, and they aren’t aware of it.

If you’re reading this blog, send me a little message.


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