29 June #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

29 June

Wake up: 4am

Mr. Gamage prepared coffee for Sarah and water for myself. Mahesh and Errol picked us up from Kandy River Breeze to take us to Eagle’s Residence. The taxi waited for us at Eagle’s Residence as getting to Kandy River Breeze is no walk in the park.

We leave Kandy River Breeze with bittersweet ness. Mr. Gamage has become like family to us. However, we are both ready to move on to Singapore where Sarah can get back to a routine with her medicines and cook for herself, whereas I want to continue with my travels.

We load the taxi only to found hard seats , bumpy, and jerky ride. The first 90 minutes of the ride were horrible. I’ve never been carsick, but if it feels like anything what I experienced on this ride, I am sorry for those who struggle with carsickness. The driver wasn’t smooth, the roads weren’t straight, and my tummy wasn’t happy.

We arrived at the airport at 7:30am- 3 hrs before departure time. We attempted to change our cash for Singapore dollars as we had the time, but the places didn’t have enough to change our money. We will wait until Singapore. We had to check the one box of Sarah’s medicines as the majority of them are liquid (& heavy).

We leisurely strolled around the airport browsing all the duty free shops. We ate breakfast at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf where Sarah had a quiche and I ate a bagel,

Brekky in Sri Lanka

At 1000 we decided to head to gate 10 for our flight to Singapore on Air Asia. As we were walking towards the gate, we heard our names overhead and walked faster. We were comfortably sitting in our seats at 10:08am with a 10:30am departure time & we both had an entire row to ourselves.

Flying time: 4 hours

Lunch: rice & chutney in Malaysia along with pineapple juice & watermelon juice

Next flight to Singapore: packed like sardines; only 90 minutes

Din din: rice with veggies in Singapore.

Night night- just a LONG day of traveling

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island off of the SouthEastern tip of India. I don’t recommend staying in Colombo, location of the airport. There isn’t much in Colombo. I wish I could say I recommend the beaches, but I didn’t go to the beach while I was there- big disappointment. Who goes to an island without visiting the beaches? We spent two days in Colombo & that was too long. We spent a week in Kandy with a couple of day trip outside. From what I’ve read and researched, you can participate in water sports and safaris on two different days.

With this trip, I met some incredible people who were generous with their time and invited us into their lives, which is one of the reasons I travel. Even though the island is big, the transportation becomes an issue as there are a minimum number of highways. It may take hours to go from one place to the next, so if you travel and want to do everything the island has to offer- pack light! You’ll be on the move.

If I had to do it all again, I’d do it differently. First off, I’d hit up the beaches and soak up the sun, then maybe head inland to the mountains to trek and snap pics of beautiful viewpoints. Before leaving, I’d schedule a safari to see the wild animals roam the island.


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