28 June #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

28 June

Wake up: 6:30am with the intention of walking to the Kandyan for a swim. Sarah mentioned she wanted to walk the jungle/reserve behind the temple this morning after breakfast. I cancelled my swim to walk with Sarah. Unfortunately, Mr. Gamage didn’t prepare breakfast until 8:30am. However, he did make us rotti! Therefore, we didn’t head out of Kandy River Breeze until 10:00am. I’m an early rise and like to start my day early, but sometimes when you travel you have to make compromises. Sarah and I headed out to walk in nature. However, we never found an entrance to the Preserve, so we just walked next to it and around it – even ended up on Army Land, which we were not allowed to trek.

We grabbed papaya juice for Sarah and a mango milkshake for myself before Sarah headed back to Kandy River Breeze. I walked along the streets browsing the shops as viewing Sri Lankan life. I returned to Tele-Pix to pick up my stickers, which I ordered yesterday. To my dismay, the stickers were not correct: the size was too big, the colors were off, and they weren’t the window stickers I wanted. I explained to the lady it’s not what I ordered. However, Mahesh went out of his way yesterday to take us to this place for my stickers to be made, so I reluctantly purchased them as I did not want to hurt the feelings of Mahesh. After this, I walked to another sticker place and asked these young men if they could make the stickers I wanted. They made one: the Sri Lanka one, & I loved it. I asked them to make three of them as I couldn’t afford all 6 of the ones I wanted. I knew of this sticker shop because I saw it the other day when I was walking back to Season’s Unique Accomodations. As I waited, I went to Season’s Unique Accomodations to relax a bit. Wishwa, Mr. Gamage’s son, was there getting ready for work. We chatted for a little bit before I returned to pick up all 6 of my stickers for the price of 3 of them!!! The guys made all of my stickers for me – probably because I was so distraught over the ones I didn’t want. I returned to Season’s Unique Accomodations to talk with Wishwa more. I told him I was going to walk to the Kandyan for a swim; he was going to Eagle’s Residence for work. At some point, Sarah had sent me a message saying that Mahesh would take me to the ‘jungle’/Preserve for trekking. Therefore, our plans changed and Wishwa came with me to Kandy River Breeze- then he went to work, I waited for over an hour for Mahesh to show up to trek in the jungle – he didn’t show up until 5pm. Sarah and I talked with Mahesh for a little bit then we joined him to go to visit Errol at Eagle’s Residence. We visited, drank mixed fruit milkshakes, and talked a bit. There was construction right next door to Eagle’s Residence, so I couldn’t hear anything. I missed my swim time today and I missed more time walking around the city because of miscommunications. Therefore, I went out on the motorbike with Wishwa to shop around and explore the city at night for an hour while Mahesh and Sarah stayed at Eagle’s Residence with Errol and the others. Sarah is much better and creating and maintaining small talk than myself- if I don’t want to talk, I’m just quiet. I don’t create small talk.

After about an hour, we went to Kandyan to pick up Keerthi and went to din din at Kandy Garden Club for drinks and dinner. Another Lion Strong beer for me while Sarah sipped some scotch. We ate, drank, were merry- then we returned to Kandy River Breeze to put the finishing touches on our packing and sleep before a long day of traveling tomorrow


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