27 June #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

27 June

Wake up: 7am-ish

Brekky: an omelette and avocado prepared by Mr. Gamage. He prepares the best food all the time. He takes really good care of us. It’ll will be hard to leave this place and have to cook for ourselves.

We lounged around in the morning as there was talk last night about Mahesh and Errol taking us our for the day. Mahesh arrived to pick us up, then we went up to Eagle’s Residence, Errol’s hotel, to pick up Errol. Before leaving, we sipped on avocado juice.

Our first stop: Telepix! Mahesh has a friend who does it all. He has 4 different phones, runs a company, and this shop was hustling and bustling. We entered into Telepix and went straight into Mahesh’s friend’s office. We sat and chatted until I went out to talk to the ladies about making my stickers. I explained it the best I could and showed them a picture online. I created the document for the stickers, the plan was to pick these up tomorrow.

We headed out of Kandy, passed by the tea factory we visited a couple days ago, and ended up in Danture, Central Province, Sri Lanka. They had taken us to Handiloom Weaving Centre in Danture – Department of Textile Industries. We entered into this old and run down building to find the old school hand loom machines (I think) made of wood. There were about 10 weavers downstairs making sarees whereas there were 2 weavers upstairs making bed sheets. As I saw these women making the material, I remembered the machines Sarah and I saw near Kandy Lake. I watched these women create the material with these old ‘machines’. For me, I was in awe of seeing how material is ‘born’ whereas Sarah understands. She continued to stand in awe and viewing these women and the process. She snapped picture after picture – even taking notes. I could see the wheels in her start moving as she voiced her concern about this type of thing ‘dying’ out as all of the weavers were older than us without any new & younger prospects coming in to learn this trade. This factory had been here for 50 years with this type of weaving being here 2,500 years ago.

As we were on our way out of Danture, we stopped by a street vendor for king Coconuts and bananas. The vendor chopped up a coconut with a hole at the top for us to drink the water from the coconut. The water didn’t taste as sweet as the other coconuts I have tasted, but the amount was huge. I drank some of Sarah’s but could not finish mine – it was just too much. As we were sitting there drinking, the ‘vendor’ sat down and started pounding away at some brass work. He sells coconuts and bananas on the side of the road and when business he slow, he creates brass work. We watched him for 10 minutes before heading off to a Shrine of Buddha at Gadaladeniya.

We arrived at the shrine of Buddha and viewed the temple. We walked around the grounds. At this point did we realize, Sarah and I dh to pay because we were foreigners whereas Mahesh and Errol didn’t have to pay as they were locals. We spent a considerable amount of time here- taking pictures and understanding the history. The shrine was in disarray and in need of lots of help.

After this, we went to the Department of a Agriculture to have lunch. The guys ordered us rotti, dosa, oil cake, and hoppers. We ate until our tummies were content. They also ordered us belli juice, which we drank & it was delicious.

After lunch, we went to the Kandy War Cemetery where the grounds were well groomed and well looked after.

We headed up to the Kandyan for a swim. After swimming, the guys took us out to Kandy Garden Club where we munched on some fries, an omelette, and fried rice. They dropped us back at Kandy River Breeze where we slept for the night.


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