26 June #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

26 June

wake up: 7:30am

brekky: omelette & toast prepared by Mr.Gamage

Sarah and I trekked up the hill to catch the bus into Kandy town. we arrived in Kandy town to the rail station in order to check tickets and time to Colombo or Negombo later this week. Sarah wasn’t impressed with 1st class on the express train while I didn’t mind the seats. We checked out trains that would fit both of our budgets! We found one! we tentatively made plans to take the 12:50pm train tomorrow, Monday, 27 June.
After all the train shenanigans, we searched for DeliFrance, a cafe with free wifi! We walked through town passed all the street vendors. We approached one street vendor selling a fruit that looked like lychee to Sarah and kumquat to me- in reality (or in Sri Lanka they call them rambutan). We attempted to bargain with the first vendor who said ‘No, that’s locals price’ to which I replied by walking away! We finally bought 5 rambutans (as we later learned the name) for Sri Lankan Rupee 50 ($0.50).

We found DeliFrance with free wifi! As I hadn’t updated the blog nor contacted anyone from the states in 4 days, people began to worry. At first, I didn’t think anyone read the blog, now I know you do: Thank You! We connected to wifi, updated. & responded to messages. As Sarah continued with Skype calls and Internet browsing, I ventured out around the block.
After our wifi session, we had juice: avocado for Sarah and mango/passions fruit for myself alongside a fruit salad topped with a sliver of a scoop of ice cream.
Sarah decided to check out the hours of the National Museum while I walked around Kandy Lake. During our wifi session, Sarah sent a message to Mahesh, host of Kandy River Breeze (our residence), who asked us to come meet him at Errol’s hotel, Eagle’s Residence. We caught a tuk tuk up to Eagle’s Residence while Sarah told me about we free tour of the temple with a monk upon learning the National Museum was closed for 3 months due to renovations. We met Mahesh and Errol at Eagle’s Residence along with another friend of theirs who owned Kandyan. We enjoyed a cuppa (of tea) before heading out to see the Kandyan, another hotel on the hill in Kandy with gorgeous views of the city below and a pool on the premises. I mentioned that I wanted to swim. Mahesh, Errol, Sarah, and I loaded into the truck, went to Kandy River Breeze where Sarah and I changed to swimming gear, and we were of again. We drove 15km outside of Kandy to Orchouta Chalets to view another one of Mahesh’s friends hotels with access to the lake and a pool. As the wind picked up and the clouds covered the sky, we decided against swimming, viewed the grounds, and had another cuppa (of tea). We slowly made our way back to Kandy River Breeze after stopping to pick up Sri Lankan food for din din. Upon our return to Kandy River Breeze, Mr. Gamage had made roasted jackfruit seeds for us from the jackfruit we ‘picked’ the other morning. We learned there are lots of things you can do with a jackfruit and how to make the jackfruit seeds because we wanted them for the train ride back to Colombo. We ate string hoppers (also known as iddyapam in India), roti (made of coconut and flour in shape of thick tortilla), fried eggs, and sambar while washing it down with a couple of beers. We are and drank and talked and enjoyed typical Sri Lankan life.

We slept!


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