24 June #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

24 June

Rise & Shine:7:20am

Brekky: omelette with toast & wood apple jam

After breakfast, we walked around the grounds, viewing the avocados, mangos, jackfruits, and coconuts up in the trees. We visited the waterfall, laid in the hammock, enjoyed the views of the river, and relaxed. Raju, Mr. Gamage’s helper, started to work his magic to get a jackfruit down from the tree about 6-7 meters up. After he got two to the ground (as one splattered), I attempted to use the tool, but I wasn’t very good (as evidenced by a picture Sarah took). Mr. Gamage waved us over to the splattered jackfruit to offer us pieces of it. We ate a couple of pieces each.

At 9am, I set off with Mr. Gamage as he planned to go into town to visit Season’s Unique Accommodations as other guests were arriving. He showed me a ‘short-cut’ with steps up the main road. The road to the main road was steep and narrow, not a smart idea to walk on it while cars may be driving down. I walked into town to find the bus station as we planned to travel to Sigiriya tomorrow. I found the bus station without any notice boards or any schedules. Therefore, I just had to ask people where to board the bus for Sigiriya. Mission Accomplished: arrive at bust station tomorrow morning at 7:30am for direct bus to Sigiriya!

After finding the bus station, I walked around town to cruise around. Sarah gave me the mission of picking up lunch. At 12noon, I started heading back to Kandy River Breeze in search of a place that sold rice and curry. Did you know that in Kandy many places shut down on Friday between 12noon and 1pm for holy prayers? Neither did I! After passing multiple closed restaurants with take-away food, I found Queens Hotel that sold vegetable curry and rice as take away. On the way, I passed a street vendor selling avocados, stopped and bought a bag. I returned to Kandy River Breeze and ate lunch with Sarah.

After lunch, Mr. Gamage returned to Kandy River Breeze with avocados (as Sarah asked for them yesterday after seeing them in the trees). He cut one up for us (it looked like guacamole) and served it to us in two bowls. He offered us sugar to sprinkle on top of it too. We tried the avocado with a sprinkle of sugar, and I thought it tasted delicious as Sarah mentioned ‘this is like dessert’.

Sarah and I had made plans to visit Degaldoruwa Temple over near Lewalla (outskirts of Kandy). Mr. Gamage offered to take us on his motorbike (also known as scooty, scooter, bike). However, he could only take one of us at a time. I started climbing the hill to the main road while Sarah loaded on the motorbike. He drove Sarah to his wife’ sister’s house where she visited then he came back to pick me up while I was walking. He took me to his relative’s house while Sarah went with him to the temple. Then he returned to pick me up and take me to the temple. We viewed the temple, took a walk up & around the temple, and returned to Kandy River Breeze via the same mode of transportation. As I had clocked 7 km since 12 noon, my feet were tired and wanted a rest. I soaked my feet while drinking tea and chit chatting with Sarah. During this time, I remembered: good people do exist.

We rested until dinner. However, it’s funny: with the language barrier: Sarah remembers & hears things I do not and vice versa. It’s and interesting dynamic when two people travel together and interpret differently.

We ate dinner at 7pm of rice and curry prepared by Mr. Gamage. He prepared dhall curry and jackfruit curry. Remember the jackfruit we fetched earlier in the morning? We ate the splattered one and Mr. Gamage made curry out of the other one! Amazing! He also made the famous green beans and onions too, which are delicious. He finally brought out the last course of the meal: papaya. He sat and talked with us while we ate.

As we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow, we rested and slept anticipating a 5:30 wake up time, 6am breakfast, and 7:30 bus ride to Sigiriya.


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