22 June #savvytravelerJ224asia2016

22 June

Rise & Shine 6 am

Brekky at Cafe on 5th: vegetable pastries alongside Papaya juice for Sarah & Mango juice for myself. First time ice in our drinks during this trip!

Whenever I taste or smell papaya, I will think of AVP in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India because we had it for breakfast every time.

Packed up, grabbed snacks, headed for train station, ALWAYS ride in taxi with METER! We realized we were played yesterday because overcharged for ride. Today, we rode in metered tuk tuk & paid fair price!

Railway Station – Train M – Seat 7 & 8 – 3 hr ride to Kandy, Sri Lanka. The ride was beautiful and full of green: trees, brush, mountains, grass, valley, hills, tunnels. For once during this trip, we felt as though we really saw nature.

We arrived in Kandy, Sri Lanka at 1:45pm. Even though our place was 1 km from the rail station, traffic time- 30 min. We discussed our ‘plans’ with the host. He gave us a couple of suggestions as we did not really have any plans.

We ate deliciously prepared rice and curry for lunch while planning our afternoon. We prepared & went out to the city center. The host called up a friend of his to take us in a tuk tuk. The tuk tuk didn’t have a meter, which made me nervous. He charged us a ‘fair’ price. ‘Fair’ as in not expensive according to myself, not necessarily according to the area. When you travel with other people you compromise. Remember: the rail station is 1 km from place of stay? If it was just me, I would have walked to city center – 1.5 km from place of residence. However, as Sarah is post treatment, weak, & tired, we rode down in tuk tuk.

We cruised around downtown, walking near the lake, viewing the temples and churches, and stopping in some shops. We viewed the old school weaving machines that Sarah knew everything about. She explained to me how they make the fabric and weave it all together, not something I’ve given much thought to before. At another shop, we saw pictures with the people actually using the machine. My interest sparked when Sarah started to tell me all about how they use the machine and what they are doing in every picture.

Sarah started to get a headache at this time, so we called our tuk tuk guide to come and pick us up to take us back. We tentatively made plans for the tuk tuk driver to take us out tomorrow at a fixed rate, which was reasonable. However, after researching places and public transportation prices, I realized our tuk tuk driver (the friend of the host) may be overcharging us. I expressed my concern to Sarah.

I’m learning that Sarah doesn’t plan things; I like a rough estimate of my travel plans before I venture out. If I have a vague idea of the places to visits and views of interest, I’m not spending time researching things to do or places to stay during my time abroad. The saying rings true: you either have time or money, not both. When Sarah travels, it’s usually a quick trip without time for research as her time off of work is limited. She jumps on a plane, reads a little bit about the place, hires a driver for the day to take her to interesting spots throughout the city, not particularly of specific interest to her. Whereas I like to research a couple of things that I want to do, ask the locals for their advice, and plan accordingly – even if the trip will be weeks on end to multiple travel destinations.

Tomorrow we will compromise: hire a driver for half the day, explain our interests to him, and tour the city tailored to our specific interests.

It’s been a learning experience for me as I am #savvytraveleraj224! I’d rather walk a mile or two as opposed to paying for transportation! Different people have different priorities. Sarah and I have discussed our budgets as I’m traveling for 10 weeks and she’s traveling for 2 weeks. It’s all about compromise and knowing the people and their lifestyles when you travel together.

Mr. Gumaghee prepared dinner for us: rice and curry with vegetables!

We fell asleep


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