20 June #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

20 June

First time this trip, an alarm was set. 5:30am- Sarah’s alarm woke us up. She arose out of bed more quickly than myself. I slept until 6am. We prepared for the day as Sarah took her medicines and we got ready for the ride to the airport. At 6:45am, the hotel packed us a breakfast and we were off to the airport. We checked in our bags, passed the security check point, and ready to board the plane at 8am.

We checked our boxed breakfast form the hotel and decided to purchase idly and ginger tea from ‘The Kitchen’. I ate the boxed breakfast of sweet white bread sandwiches with tomato, cucumber, and pepper with a side of pineapple, not the best breakfast. We just sat, chit chatted, and waited.

Our flight departs at 9:45am- plenty of time to spare. We did view the stores at the airport where we thought about purchasing ‘gifts’ only to realize we don’t have any room in our bags.

Personal Note: Rebekah, we looked for magnets all throughout my time in India, but we couldn’t find any. We found some at the airport, but they were not representative of my time in India. The one I wanted to purchase was too big and bulky & probably would break before safely being delivered to USA.

We flew to Sri Lanka without a hitch. We attempted to change our Indian Rupee (currency) to Sri Lanka Rupee (currency) before heading to Sri Lanka, but Kochi International Airport doesn’t exchange. When we landed in Sri Lanka, we attempted to change currencies and they don’t do it either. Oh well! We are stuck with Indian Rupee. I’ll save it for when Kailee learns to count money, and I can explain to her the different currencies and value of currencies.

We arrived at our AirBnB with some complications. First, our host picked us up from the airport 30 minutes late and said something about the ride being free because of the tardiness. When we arrived at the apartment, the room wasn’t cleaned, and backpacks were in the front room. Our host promptly cleaned the room, changed the sheets while we waited in the front room. Sarah, nor myself, expected this from a room for which we paid. Then we entered our room and laid on the bed, we relaxed a bit. When I realized my phone’s battery, I plugged in my phone to a non working charger. This didn’t excite me. Our host just said he hasn’t gotten it fixed. I wouldn’t be upset with this set up if we were couchsurfing, but we paid for this place. I couldn’t handle it: I had to get out. I walked up and down the street. I’m struggling with being outside while Sarah rests inside- feeling guilty about being out while she’s inside. It’s been a bit difficult.

After I returned from my walk, Sarah and I rested for a bit then we ventured out to pick up some water and maybe a coffee to destress a bit. We returned after an hour to make dinner plans with some friends. We caught a tuk tuk and rode to dinner. We arrived at din din to meet up with some new found friends and ate egg hoppers, milk hoppers, plain hoppers, and rice pitchu (I think). Rakshi (one of the girls who lives in Sri Lanka) ordered food for all of us. We made new friends from Ukraine, Veva & Nadia.

We returned to the AirBnB with a better attitude, then went to sleep.


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