19 June #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

19 June

Last night, we both slept well in an air conditioned room with thick mattresses topped with sheets and a blanket on top. Sarah continued her routine of waking up early (6am) to take her medicines while I continued to sleep and woke up well rested at 7am. Sarah applied her body oils while I ventured downstairs to breakfast.

Breakfast #1: mango milkshake, watermelon juice, fruit, and dosa. Just me as Sarah was upstairs in the room.

Breakfast #2: mango milkshake x 2, watermelon juice x 3, freshly squeezed pineapple juice, fruit plate x 2, and a masala omelette. Sarah accompanied me this time as she had completed her medicines and body oil massage.

After breakfast, my tummy was full and a little tender. Sarah told me it was due to all of the sugary drinks I drank at breakfast, but they were oh so good. After my tummy calmed down a bit, I worked out on the elliptical in the Health Club on the 7th floor. I felt a bit naked with my running shorts and my tank top. However, it felt nice to really work out and sweat from exercise as opposed to sweating from just walking in the heat. The views from the Health Club at Diana Heights Hotel were phenomenal.

After working out, I walked around the town . . . a little bit. Sarah has been feeling weak and tired, so she wanted to stay in the room and enjoy rest and relaxation. As it was Sunday, many of the shops were closed for ‘Sunday – holy day’. I walked up and down the streets, through a meat market, even stopped to snap some pictures. After an hour, I didn’t come across too many interesting things, so I decided to return to the hotel. Sarah ordered lunch, but as I ate two breakfasts, I wasn’t hungry. We just lounged around, chit chatted, and enjoyed more rest and relaxation.

After lunch, I went down to the pool just to get out of the hotel and get some exercise in. The weather outside was overcast & muggy. The pool water wasn’t exactly warm, but the length of the pool allowed for laps. As I was swimming, there was a lemon flavor to the water. No, I didn’t purposefully drink the water, but every now and then I received a lemon hint in the water.

After swimming (& drying my swimsuit with a hair dryer), we went up to the Health Spa. As Sarah’s back has been bothering her with the bruise on her sacrum, she opted for an Ayurveda massage with her body oils while I received a pedicure. After the massage, Sarah said that she had never felt as though the therapist could literally crack her spine/back in half while receiving the massage. Sarah continues to feel incredibly weak & tired with the completion of the intense Ayurvedic treatment. However, she did mention she sleeps a bit better with the soft mattress and blankets in this hotel.

After massage, pedicure, more R&R, I ventured outdoors to experience Kerala street vendor food. Sarah mentioned we should try jackfruit as we saw jackfruit trees during our taxi ride out to Kerala. As I walked passed street vendors, I did not locate any cut jackfruit pieces to try. Instead, I found a street vendor who sold an entire jackfruit. Due to the communication barrier, I was unable to successfully communicate to the vendor if he would cut the jackfruit for me after purchase. I returned to the hotel empty handed and asked the front desk if he would cut the jackfruit for us if we brought it to the kitchen: SUCCESS. I returned to the street vendor and purchased a 5 kg jackfruit. The kitchen cut the jackfruit and delivered it to our room in 4 pieces. Sarah and I attempted to tear off the pieces of the jackfruit and eat them. Jackfruit is very sticky and very gummy – the base of the jackfruit reminded me of a warm yellow banana laffy taffy in regards to the stickiness and gumminess. The taste of the jackfruit was a bit in the sweeter side, not super sweet. After we finished 1/4 of the jackfruit, we ‘donated’ the additional pieces of the jackfruit to the hotel staff. We had to use Sarah’s Ayurvedic oils to remove the ‘stickiness’/’gumminess’ of the jackfruit off our own hands. Let’s just say this was a one in a lifetime experience, not sure if we’ll ever do that again.


For dinner we ate cumin rice with Kerala coconut dark curry (name unknown). We packed up all of our stuff strategically to prepare ourselves for the flight to Sri Lanka tomorrow morning. Sarah continues to impress me with her packing skills as she successfully packed 3 sarees and a punjabi outfit in her bag. Our wardrobes continue to change throughout our trip as we purchase ‘traditional’ clothes and trash our ‘old’ clothes. I think between the two of us, we have left 4 full outfits in the rubbish and purchased 8 ‘new’ & ‘traditional’ outfits. As of right now, everything fits in our packs – with an extra checked baggage for Sarah’s Ayurvedic medications and oils.

We slept.


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