18 June #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

18 June

Sarah woke up bright and early at 0600 for her morning medications. I stayed in bed because I wanted more sleep. However, at 7am, I finally rolled out of bed. No treatment for Sarah, nor a massage for me – the girlz.

We ate our last breakfast at AVP: oats for Sarah and idly for me. After breakfast, I set off on my bike in search of a sticker place. I wanted to make stickers of all of the places I will go on this trip. However, I learned on this bike trip that shops don’t open before 10am.

Bittersweet moment: returning my bike. I biked around Trichy Road one last time before turning onto Avanishi Road to return to the bike to the bike shop. My guy was there, we snapped a pic, then I walked back to AVP.


Sarah received discharge orders from Dr. Nagaran & Dr. Dinil. The instructions included to continue with all medications for 2 months and communicate progress at that time when they will reassess. She is to return in 9-12 months for 3 weeks to continue with treatment. One of the pharmacists came to the room with all of the oils and the medications to explain the schedule to Sarah. At the end, there were bottles of oils and meds along with capsules and tablets. The man wrapped up the box with lots of duct tape as we will have to check it (as checked luggage on the plane) due to the liquid content of the medications. Then she settled the bill.

While she went down to administration to settle the bill, I packed and packed and re packed in order to fit all of my stuff. We both left a couple of clothes at AVP or trashed them. There’ only so much you can take in a backpack. I didn’t realize how many clothes I acquired – & this is only the first leg of my trip. However, not to worry, I fit everything in my pack.


At 2pm, the taxi arrived to start the 5 hour drive to Kochi, Kerala, India. The car was a small 5 seater car with barely enough trunk for Sarah’s pack, my pack, and the medications.

As Sarah slept in the front seat of the car (with her seatbelt on- shocker to me), I updated the blog. The drive was 4 hours long with minimal stretches of highway. Most of the time we were traveling through towns and villages. The views as we were leaving Coimbatore were beautiful: the clouds slowly drifting over the top of the palm trees and slicing through the mountains. As we continued on our way out of Tamil Nadu (state) into Kerala (state), the views changed to more palm trees, more greenery, more hills. We stopped about halfway for tea and coffee.

We arrived at Diana Heights Luxury Hotel (www.dianaheights.com) in Ernakulam, Kerala. Just the look alone gave it away as a high class hotel. As we walked in, the bell boy grabbed our bags. We checked in, and they escorted us to our room. Honestly, I’m not used to traveling like this- I’m low key when it comes to lay my head at night as I don’t hang around the place I’m sleeping- I like to go out and explore- definitely a different feeling for me. We relaxed in our room for a bit then explored outside just a little bit- probably 0.5 km as that is all Sarah can tolerate after being cooped up in the corridor of AVP for the past 26 days. When we returned to the hotel, we found the fitness room (yep, I can work out for the first time in 26 days!), the pool (ya, I can swim tomorrow), the spa (massages, pedicure, manicure), and other luxuries at the hotel.

Sarah ordered room service for dinner, not my type: the. However, she ordered ghee rice and peanut masala. Before din din, Sarah wanted to jump in the shower, but as she undressed she discovered a bruise on her sacrum! She asked for my professional opinion (ha ha). Yep she had a downward triangular shaped bruise exactly where her sacrum bone lies. She got in touch with her doctor via whatsapp! Honestly, technology nowadays allows communication with people all over the world literally at your fingertips. The doctor recommended body oils, rest, and warm water compress. Even though we left the hospital, we didn’t leave Ayurvedic medicine behind. I joke ‘it’s a good thing I came and learned all about this’. Yep, I was Sarah’s therapist today!

While she waited for the oils to work their magic, we feasted on our room service – delicious. We finished all of it between the two of us.

After dinner, we lounged around chit chatted, and enjoyed the thick, comfortably mattresses along with the blankets on our beds. We slept.


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