13 June #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

13 June

We started the day at 8am. Naveen (Arthi’s husband) took off with Advaid (Arthi’s son) to fetch fresh milk from the nearby farm house. Arthi told me that there are many farm houses in India, and each house usually has their own supply to sell to the ‘locals’.

Arthi had made tomatoe rice for Naveen for his lunch today. She mentioned that she was tied and lazy as she usually makes rice with many chutneys. She allowed me to taste it before breakfast today.

We went over to Sumathi’s (Arthi’s aunt) for breakfast of dosa and chapati, they continued to serve me chapati after chapati and dosa after dosa until had to politely decline. After breakfast, we went I we to Arun and Sidnu,s house where she offered me tea. Even though my stomach was full from breakfast, I drank some ginger tea. Sidnu also showed me some beautiful purple fabric and asked me if I like it. There was a traditional pattern on it and color purple was so royal. When I said that I like it, she said ‘come with me’. She took me down the road to a tailor who took my measurements in order to make a custom punjabi set for me. (Pants black).

After that, Arthi came to pick me up. We all went to Madesh’s restaurant to eat lunch. We has rice, biriyani, and river fish- it was white girl spicy. Madesh also took me in a short ride in his Harley Davidson.

As we were returning to Arthi’s house, we stopped by and met Jagendeep. Jagendeep is the reason Arthi and I met, Sankar is a guy I met through a cycling group in Dallas, TX. When many people asked for Facebook pics and I finally posted, Sankar saw my post. He reached out to me saying his hometown is in Tamil Nadu, India. He reached out to a couple of friends who out me in contact with Arthi! I can’t thank him enough for the connections- the Internet makes the world so small.

As we returned to Arthi’s flat, she wanted to introduce me to Vimala, a neighbor. Of course as we visited, Vimala prepared tea for us and we drank. We stayed for awhile, and they made okns for me to go to the temple with Vimala and her son as Arthi had to go to work this afternoon. After plans were made (& translated for me), we returned to Arthi’s where I relaxed and napped.

Dad arrived at Arthi’s with my custom made punjabi. I immediately tried it on for mom and dad. The chest area was just a bit too small as I could barely fit it on and I couldn’t get the pant leg on. However, I did show mom who told me they would get it fixed.

At 6pm, Vimala and her son took me to the temple nearby in the top of a hill. We visited and performed the rituals and worshipped the gods. All I really wanted to do was take pictures up at the top of the sunset. The views were gorgeous. After temple time, we went to Vimala’s home where her son showed me lots of YouTube videos while Vimala prepared tea and dinner. She fed me one regular dosa and one egg dosa. This was the first time I had egg dosa and it was very good.

I returned to Arthi’s about 9 o’clock and promptly attempted to fall sleep at 9:30″ but my nose was running like leaky faucet. I couldn’t fall asleep and I couldn’t get comfortable. Mom heated up some water for me, out a drop of Vicks vapor rub in it, and told me to breathe it in. I did- then she threw a blanket over my head for me to have a’steam bath’ for my face. It worked a little bit, but it still couldn’t get comfortable. At some point during the night, I brought in the cot from the balcony and slept on it.


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