9 June #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

9 June

The morning rain beat down, which woke both of us up. However, the rhythm of the rain falling had a calming effect. As we awoke and sat outside, the temperature was perfect, not too hot.

Day 10 of 10: Sarah’s final day of main treatment. The beginning of treatment was normal. The therapists entered the room, gathered the supplies, and prepared the treatment room for Sarah. At the end of treatment, all of the therapists joined in a ceremony, Puja, for the completion of main treatment. Mainly flower petals and coconut flakes were scattered along the treatment table. Another therapist took red powder and dotted the corners of the treatment table. They continued with the ceremony by pouring coconut water all over the table, and then offered Sarah a towel to wipe it up. During this time, there was a flame with coconut, coconut flakes, and a banana under the picture of the god of healing, Sree Dhanwanthari Mandir. At the completion of the ceremony, all the therapists gathered around Sarah and blessed her.

Brekky: oats for Sarah, pongal for me! Then lounged, read, chit chatted, and maybe some card playing too.

The doctors came around to discuss the treatment. Sarah says overall she feels better. The treatment yesterday did hurt her neck, which caused a headache due to having to lie in her abdomen for an hour. The doctors recommended for a side lying position after the paste is applied to help with the pain. Tomorrow the cleanse starts. Tomorrow, she has her Virechanam treatment. She will take meds at 6am in the morning, not be able to lie down, and start her cleanse. Just one of the reasons I’ll be exploring Kovia Kutralam tomorrow.

After brekky, we lounged around, chit chatted, read, etc, until lunch time. The apprentice for the dietician came to visit us and chat with us as the doctors and dietician were in rounds. At one point during the conversation, she asked us if we were ‘spinsters’. We later learned ‘spinsters’ means a lady who is not married. Yes, both Sarah and I are not spinsters.

Mint rice for lunch! Sarah’s the lucky one because she requested basmati rice (easier for digestion). I’m a rice fanatic, so I’ll eat any type of rice!

After lunch, we walked the corridor, Sarah fell into her post prandial nap, and I biked around. Since many people have requested for me to post pics on Facebook, I did. When i was in Dallas, I met Sankar – his hometown is Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. Long story short: he reached out to his friends in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. One of those friends reached out to me. I have weekend plans – to experience true Indian culture this weekend. Therefore, I wanted to purchase another punjabi – to look decent, not like a tourist American. I found a punjabi (without sleeves) and leggings! Mission Accomplished! Now, I have ‘traditional’ outfits for the weekend – even though my fair complexion, blonde hair, and American accent will give me away as a foreigner. With this weekend extravanagza, I might not be updating this blog daily.


I returned to AVP in time for afternoon tea, pomegranate, and my tender coconut. Dr. Dinil updated Sarah’s treatment plan for an enema and the paste treatment for the next couple of days, followed by the cleanse in 2-3 days. Sarah’s paste treatment (the mud in her back for 1 hour) started while she listened to an audio book! Today, she laid on her side to decrease the pain in her neck.

Before din din, another doctor visited us to give Sarah her instructions for the Virechanam treatment. Even though Dr. Dinil just told us that the ‘little treatment’ starts tomorrow, the Virechanam is the ‘big treatment’ (cleanse). From a nurse perspective, even though Ayurveda is a different type of medicine when compared to Western medicine, they encounter the same challenges- many doctors overseeing one case presents the challenges of communication and all providers being up to date on your case- just one more reason the patient, family, and friends are the biggest patient advocates out there. Therefore, as a nurse, if the patient/family receives conflicting information from multiple doctors, it is my responsibility as the the nurse to clarify treatment with all parties involved before proceeding.

Din din: Veg Oopthapam for me and Rice Servai for Sarah. On Thursday nights, the special is Veg Oopthapam. We ordered it for the first time last week- that’s when I discovered it might be my favorite dish here. There aren’t many options on the menu, so I usually order the ‘special’. This allows me to look forward to something new at din din time.

After din din, we walked the halls, chit chatted, read, played cards,and called it an early night as Sarah starts her Virechanam treatment tomorrow morning.


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