8 June #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

8 June

Day 9 of 10 for Sarah’s treatment. She’s progressing as she reports to the doctor today “Overall, I’m feeling better, but there’s still a dull ache-ing pain all over my body.” The doctor recommended a paste to apply to Sarah’s back to strengthen her spine – that will take place this afternoon. Her bloated ness is off & on, but yesterday it was better.

We ate brekky: oats for Sarah and cornflakes for me. Yes, we were interested in the cornflakes in India. As we were discussing it last night, we wondered: would it come with milk: on the side or already mixed it or would it be some kind of India cornflake or would it be some type of millet cornflake type. This morning we found out: it was just a tray-full of cornflakes. No milk mixed in, no milk on the side- literally just cornflakes. Sarah laughed because I had to eat them (as I ordered them). Let’s just say, I’m lucky I get to leave AVP to purchase random edibles on the streets, which is what I did after brekky. I exited AVP for my walk. As I walked, I found three street vendors selling various edibles. The first one was a sweet puff that was dough filled (cooked). The easiest way to describe it would be the ‘inside’ of a cupcake but with a fried batter in the outside, not exactly what I was expecting. The second street vendor was donut in style and a spicy kick, not sweet at all. The last one was small like a cake pop, warm and gooey on the inside – like apple pie filling, but more nut like sweetness in taste. It beats the cornflakes any day, not to mention we won’t be ordering those again.

We lounged, read, chit chatted, and waited for lunch.

Lunch: basmati rice for Sarah and vegetable rice for myself. The rice didn’t leave me wanting more- it satisfied, which is more than I can say for the cornflakes. We walked around the corridor, Sarah fell into her post prandial nap, and I cycled off. My original plan was just to cruise around for a bit, but then I got lost. I continued to cycle and cycle and cycle. I think I left at 1:30 and arrived back at 4:30pm. Yes, I’m on the hunt for a punjabi/pant set, didn’t find my ideal set yet.

When I returned to the room, Sarah’s therapist was applying the paste on Sarah’s spine for the strengthening of the back. After the paste, which literally looks like mud, was applied to all of Sarah’s spine, the therapist covered it with newspaper, and covered the newspaper with a towel. The paste/med/treatment will stay on for 60 minutes. Sarah mentioned that the position (lying face down on the bed and keeping in back/neck in alignment) is difficult and painful. However, she mentioned the treatment does help her back. Now, we have to find a comfortable position for her to lie in while this 60 minute treatment has time to work.

Afternoon tea- a bit late due to treatment. Sarah had pomegranate with afternoon tea per the recommendation of the doctor for her digestive issue, and I had a tender coconut- much needed after my longer-than-expected bike ride. After afternoon tea, we chit chatted, read, lounged until dinner time.

Dinner: idly for Sarah and moong dhal dosa for me. When din din arrived, I was a bit disappointed because only 1 moong dhal dosa for me. We called the canteen for another order of just a dosa. Moong dhal dosas are one of my favourite dishes here!

We played cards and chit chatted and called it a night. As Sarah passed out (tossed and turned before going to sleep), I played on the internet as I wasn’t too tired. I posted some pics in Facebook and a friend of mine (who is from Tamil Nadu, India) reached out to me. He currently lives in Dallas, TX, but he still have friends in this area. This blog might become more interesting in the next week as I might have some personal tour guides! Stay tuned!


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