6 June #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

6 June

Day 7 of 10 for Sarah’s treatment. She’s feeling weak and tired with the detox of the treatments. Her spine is not as sore as the first couple of days here – slowly getting better. The doctor mentioned that they could advise for the therapists to work solely on her back for the last 15 minutes of treatment; Sarah agreed. Unfortunately, Sarah continues to have bloated-ness and constipation after eating this strict, no spice diet for the past 2 weeks.

Brekky: iddyapam for both of us. It’s the Monday special, and we both crave it. Iddyapam is rice noodles (think & sticky) in ‘pancake’ form- delicious.

We sat, read, lounged, played cards, chit chatted while we waited for the doctor. After the doctor discussed Sarah’s progress and future treatments, I took off for a bike ride. My destination today was Brookesfield Mall. According to the map: only 2 miles from AVP. However, with the chain falling off the bike at least 5 times and a couple of wrong turns, it took me an hour to get there. The mall has air conditioning – something I haven’t experience outside of the airport. At this point, I was hungry and made my way to the food court. For lunch: rice variety with different sauces. I enjoyed it. After lunch, I walked the mall – it was a typical mall with lots of stores and space filled with stuff, not too exciting. I biked around looking for a bike shop because I didn’t want to deal with a loose chain, dirty fingers, grime under my nails, and sweat down my face. The bike chain got fixed!! The entire way back to AVP, the chain didn’t call off once! Oh, the joys of riding a bike.


I arrived back at AVP in time for afternoon tea. Sarah’s routine didn’t change, she was finishing up her 3pm yoga session. Instead of having tea and fruit with Sarah, I munched on the goodies I purchased outside: tapioca chips and cashew ladoo. The tapioca chips were spicy and delicious whereas the cashew ladoo was sweet and savory.

We walked, talked, card playing, reading, lounging until din din. For din din, I ordered two onion oopthapams and idly for Sarah. We ate. Sarah did end up talking to another patient who knows of some textiles places in Coimbatore, and this patient has a friend who restores cashmere shawls. Wherever Sarah travels, she makes connections! She’s a seasoned traveler.

After din din, Sarah taught me how to play a different kind of solitaire with 2 decks of cards. Yes, it’s a one person game, so I watched her as she explained. Now I have things to do in the day. I’m now starting to realize how stir crazy I would go if I couldn’t leave AVP on my excursions. I’m a bit torn about traveling outside of Coimbatore – I don’t want to leave Sarah ‘alone’ at AVP, but I do want to travel. I want to do it all. We only have a little time in India. However, I’m enjoying riding my bike around India!

The blog becomes less and less interesting as each day passes because there’s only so much to discuss. I’m trying to make the most of it, but it’s starting to wear on me.


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