5 June #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

5 June

Day 6: treatment for Sarah at 7am! She mentions she has less pain and low blood pressure to the doctors. When the doctors check her pulse today, he said ‘energy improving’ and Sarah agreed. With the added medications at night she sleeps better throughout the night- only waking up a couple of times, not 5 or 6.

Brekky: dosa for each of us – 1 for her, 2 for me. We ate- then continued with our usual: card playing, chit chatting, lounging, reading. I decided experience a day in the life of Sarah: no leaving the corridor and just being with her. However, I did read more than she’s allowed, but I didn’t leave our floor.

During my reading session, I read ‘the cow’s urine was used in cooking the alkalies in order to add the ammonium to the alkalies to make them more caustic and the dessicated cow’s dung was either used as a fuel for cautery or as heat absorbent in which some liquid preparations were kept for ripening’ (An Interpretation of Ancient Hindu Medicine by Chandra Chakraberty) to which Sarah replied ‘I’d rather have cow dung in my medicine than chemicals . . . as long as it is organic’.

On another note, I couple of days ago I dropped my tea cup over the edge, but it caught in the ledge/overhang. Today, since I’m here, I decided to attempt to retrieve my cup. I had an idea that Sarah doubted: to use a mop/T like instrument to balance the cup on the horizontal part and slowly lift the instrument up vertically. As I explained this to Sarah, she laughed and told me ‘ya, right’. However, I grabbed ahold of this squeegee looking thing (shaped T like) – all the while Sarah laughing at doubting my mastery of skills. It took me a total of 90 seconds to retrieve my tea cup! BOOM! just another exciting story for the blog – I said. To which Sarah replied ‘you should rename your blog the most boring and uninteresting events in India’.

Yes, we joke about the blog regularly and when something ‘exciting’ happens, we comment ‘that’s blog worthy’. Even though in reality, it’s not very interesting.

Lunch: tomatoe rice for Sarah and tomatoe rice with chapati for me. We ate, took our ‘walk around the corridor’ (for a total of 0.2 miles), then Sarah fell into her post prandial nap as I updated the blog (I’m bending the rules on being ‘Sarah for the day – I might be going more stir crazy than she is).

Sarah continued on with her routine- she didn’t let me disrupt her routine. After her post prandial nap, she read. At 3pm, her meds were delivered. She mentioned ‘just more dirt’ as she describes the taste of the meds to dirt. Then she started her one hour yoga session- very light exercises as the doctors don’t want her to injure anything. If she managed to injure/overstretch/sprain anything, her treatment would stop until healing was complete.

Afternoon tea at 4pm with boiled banana for Sarah a tender coconut for me. We chit chatted, played cards, read, etc. until dinner at 7pm.

Din din: dosa for Sarah, onion Oopthapam for me. My tummy has been acting up a bit, so I only ate the Oopthapam, not the chutneys. Sarah enjoyed her din din.

We chit chatted, played cards, read, etc. until bed time. Tonight, we ended up talking about traveling overseas: differences and similarities of cultures, ideal destinations, and when our traveling bug ideas started in us. We discussed the feedback we received prior to traveling and the comments we receive now from loveds ones. We called it a night. Good night.


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