4 June #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

4 June

Day 5: treatment for Sarah! Sarah continues to be weak and tired from the treatments. She tolerates the meds well, even though she complains about them ‘tasting like dirt’. Today, her meds changed due to her consultation with Dr. Rajendra.

Brekky: oats for Sarah (1st time) and idly for me. She mentioned that she liked the oats. The dietician has been ordering her food to increase her absorption and decrease her digestion issues.

Consultation with Dr. Nagarajan this morning. She mentioned she was bloated after dinner (dosa) last night, but she did sleep better due to the new medication capsules administered prior to bedtime. However, she continues to be weak and tired

At 1030am, I set off on an adventure with my bicycle. I biked down Trichy Road just to ride. As I was riding, I hugged the left side of the road (for slow drivers). During my rides, I’ve been following the lead of the other drivers. At some point, I thought I was continuing in my path, but I must have missed a turn because I seem to be the only one traveling my direction as the majority of the vehicles were oncoming traffic. However, it doesn’t matter which way you ride on a road because I haven’t figured out the rules of the road here. On another note, there were vehicles driving along in my direction, so basically, I allowed the vehicles to pass me and followed their lead. Even though I try to follow the rules of the road, the vehicles don’t obey the red/green lights (when they are present). I’ve realized it’s more like ‘follow the crowd’ rather than the rules of the road. There have been times when I don’t feel safe riding the bike, so I dismount from the bike and walk the bike until the road clears up a bit. As I’m on no time constraints, I’m able to chill out, not rush around.

I rode out for 90 minutes following Trichy Road. About an hour into the ride, I cruised down a small side street where I stopped to capture some moments via my camera. The farther I ventured out this road, the more amazing the views became. Honestly, I think this is one of the few times I’ve wanted to be in the pictures. I stopped and posed for some pictures with beautiful backgrounds. After about 30-45 minutes, I retraced my steps and continued east down Trichy Road. I biked for an additional 15-30 minutes until I stopped for lunch. There was a family running this side-of-the-road ‘restaurant’. I ordered these three things: Scotch egg (per Sarah), wonton filled with onions, and another fried something with rice curry inside. As I sat there, we (the family and I) attempted to communicate. I journaled a bit, read, and viewed the surroundings. A lady appeared from the back and spoke some words. I thought she mentioned that I couldn’t stay and had to leave. I gathered my things and packed my bag. She said ‘no, no, no’. After body language, hand gestures, and language barriers, I realized the older man (papa) wanted to use my bike. About 10 minutes prior to this, a swarm (like 10) police vehicles, ambulance, and other office officials blazed down Trichy Road with sirens. I figured maybe papa wanted to go and find the reason for all the commotion. Papa hopped on my cycle and rode away. One of the thoughts going through my head was ‘it’s going to be a long walk back if he doesn’t return’, but I also thought ‘he has to return: his wife, daughter, and other lady are here’. He did return. There were about 4 mopeds/scooters/motorcycles that also appeared. It felt like a mini family reunion as I was there just enjoying the time out and about.


I thanked them for the food and entertainment then headed west down Trichy Road – back to AVP. I casually biked along- with no time constraints. I dismounted and locked my bike when I neared town hall. Town Hall is very similar to downtown LA as there were many small shops and people hounding you to enter their shops and buy things. My mission: purchase pants for Sarah’s punjabi- she wanted the pleated ones, but everyone displayed leggings to me (guess it’s because I looked like an American). After 30 minutes of browsing, I started back to AVP.


Arrived at AVP just in time for afternoon tea. We ate, chit chatted, lounged, played cards, read, etc. Dr. Dinil came to visit us. They discussed Sarah’s progress and life after AVP. Dr. Dinil mentioned they were adding a med as a protective (preventative) for the migraines. They also discussed how Dr. Dinil entered into AVP and the opportunity for jobs in India. Overall, Dr. Dinil said to decrease stress, act of symptoms rather than think about them, and continue with meds post AVP life.

Din din: Rice Servai for Sarah; Moong Dhal dosa for me. We ate together. I’ll admit, food in the canteen is better! We read, lounged, chit chatted, played cards until 8:30. At that time, I was beat. I fell asleep, and Sarah diligently consumed her meds at 9pm. I wasn’t fun this night.


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