3 June #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

3 June

Day 4 for Sarah’s treatment: upon awakening, Sarah’s says ‘I’m going to be a pancake’. Remember, on day 1, Sarah mentioned her treatment smells like pancakes and maple syrup. After treatment, Sarah commented on ‘how achy’ she feels after treatment.

Brekky: idly for Sarah & pongal for myself. We ate – as usual. After brekky, we read, chit chatted, lounged, etc.

Dr. Dinil stopped by to check on Sarah. Dr. Dinil mentioned that Sarah is in the peak of treatment with lots of detoxing going on. Therefore, rest and sleep are much needed for the healing process. He prescribed pills for Sarah to take on an as needed basis to promote sleep, rest, and relaxation: Aswajith. He also mentioned that during this peak time of treatment Sarah may feel weak and tired as her system is being flushed of all the toxins and a fever could occur.

At 1030am, my mission: purchase a punjabi. Over the past couple of days, I have been visiting shops to find a punjabi for me. Sarah had also mentioned that she wanted one. During these visits to all of the shops, I snapped some pictures of the colors Sarah requested. I finally found one Sarah liked. I walked down the street, purchased the punjabis and returned.

Upon returning to AVP, lunch was served. My tummy hasn’t been ‘up to par’, so I ‘saved’ half of breakfast to eat for lunch. Sarah’s rice variety was white rice with 6 different chutneys (& it looked more appetizing than mine).

After lunch, we took a stroll along the corridor (0.2 miles), lounged, read, chit chatted, etc. I cycled out of here about 1:30pm for some explorations. Remember yesterday how I ‘got lost’ on my bike? Well, today I realized I was closer to AVP than previously thought. Today, I just biked down the Main Street out realized this is where I was ‘so lost’ yesterday. However, on the way back to AVP, I realized that the streets are a bit confusing, but I figured it out. Now, I know the 2 mile radius surrounding AVP.

Since coming to AVP, Sarah suggested for me to ‘try a massage’ – Ayurveda style. As I’m the kind of person who wants to know the ‘why and how’ things work, I’ve been hesitant. Today, I agreed.

3pm with Eswari Mahalakshmi (therapist) in TRFF 3 (treatment room). As you enter the room, you strip down and they give you a ‘piece of cloth’ to cover your woman/man-li-ness. They heat the oil, rub it ALL. OVER. YOU. Yes, it’s a bit of a massage, but more so it is the oils being rubbed over you. You start by laying on your back, which Sarah warned me as painful, then they turn you to lay on your tummy. Honestly, I experience more pain on my tummy due to my hip bones and sternum pressing against the table. However, I will say it feels relaxing and destress. Afterwards, they bathe you. Yes, you sit on a stool in the bathroom, they rub a ‘green gam’ mixture all over you (to remove the oils- per Sarah). They pour warm water over you to rinse you off. Did I fail to mention that they massage your scalp/hair with oil as well?, so at the end they wash your hair. This is the first time I have bathed with warm water since leaving the states! Yes, it felt nice and relaxing, but I don’t think I’ll be doing this everyday.

Afterwards we took it easy, chit chat, read, lounged, cards,etc. I didn’t want to explore of foot or bike anymore today. At some point, we received a call for Sarah to see Dr. Rajendra (medical director with years of experience). Sarah and I discussed the questions she wanted answered by him. However, when we arrived at his office (on AVP grounds outpatient clinic) he didn’t speak much English, only Tamil (or so I am assuming). Dr. Dinil was present to translate for Sarah. Dr, Rajendra reviewed her file with Dr. Dinil and checked her pulse. We returned to our room.


As we walked back to the room, Sarah mentioned she felt free! We went to look at my bike. Sarah walked the entire way, but I had to help her with the stairs – she walks like an old lady 🙂 – just kidding, I just held onto her arm because of her ‘weak state’ and she gave me the ‘Sarah glare’!

Din din: smiles flashed in Sarah’s face as she noticed a ‘dosa’ for din din, not the food thickener: Arrowroot Khanji. I never thought she’d be excited over dosa for dinner, but when comparing to the arrowroot khanji- dosa wins! My tummy wasn’t 100% back to normal, so I skipped din din for rest instead.

more reading, chit chatting, card games, lounging before bed


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