31 May 2016 #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

31 May 2016

Day 1 of ‘main’ treatment for Sarah: started at 6:30am this morning and lasted for 90 minutes. The treatments prior to this lasted for 60 minutes. When she returned she commented on the smell experiences during treatment: ‘it smelled like pancakes and maple syrup’.

As she was in treatment, I caught up on my internet time. Brekky arrived while she was in treatment and it was a bit difficult waiting to eat brekky until she returned. I had ordered Pongal: a heavier lentil based dish with cashews mixed in. It was delicious. We chit chatted, lounged, read, played cards, and waited for lunch to arrive. Dr. Nagarajan arrived and answered many of Sarah’s questions. During this interaction, we discovered Sarah’s composition: vata/pitta with an unknown diagnosis. Therefore, Dr. Nagarajan commented on how the treatments are trying to balance pitta to correct the imbalance. The root cause of the imbalance is unknown at the present time. Dr. Nagarajan palpated Sarah’s heart rate on her wrist, then proceeded to ask about Sarah’s thyroid. Yes, Sarah’s thyroid has been low in the past, so her thyroid level will be checked after a week of main treatment.

Lunch arrived: cumin rice. We ate, we walked, we listened to audio books. We played cards. At the end of this trip, Sarah and I will be masters at two person card playing games. We have played/learned: gin, rummy, go fish, uno, golf, double solitaire, and spit. Due to Sarah’s lack of activity for the past week, the card game of ‘spit’ (fast moving and mind boggling) made Sarah sweat. Two weeks ago, she hiked up the Blue Mountains in Australia with 10 beads of sweat during her 5 mile hike, but when she plays the card game ‘spit’ with me as we are both sitting on the bed using only one hand, she sweats!! If you know of any card games for two players, please pass them my way!

As Sarah fell into her post prandial nap time, I exited the room to walk the streets of India. Sarah listened to an audio book on my phone. Therefore, I ventured out without a map. During the first hour of the walk, I recognized the streets, and I continued to venture further. At some point, I did venture into ‘new’ territory. At the 90 minute mark in the walk, I recongized the streets once again. As the time passed, I usually entered into the random stores – just to cool off. I returned back to AVP just in time for afternoon tea.

After tea arrived, Dr. Dinil visited us. Many of our questions were answered by Dr, Nagarajan earlier this morning. However, we still chatted with Dr. Dinil about treatment and progress. Sarah mentions her energy levels are low and the pain/aches have increased. Dr. Dinil assured us that it gets worse before it gets better.

Sarah went outside to sit and read. At this time, a girl, 12 years of age, approached her and talked to her (in English) for 60 minutes. This girl was visiting her grandfather (for the past couple of days) at the hospital because he had a stroke a couple years back and returns to the hospital yearly for treatment. She talked and talked and talked to Sarah.

Dinner: rice kanji (rice and water) for Sarah. For me, the original plan was to go to dinner with Kanta’s (our elderly woman neighbour) husband outside of AVP for variety. However, he had already left before I arrived. Kanta and I chatted for a bit. She lives in Kolkata, India, and her treatment ends tomorrow. She invited me to her house to visit. As Sarah’s treatment has been extended, I’m contemplating this trip!

Before I made my way down to the Canteen, I stopped to talked to Kath- an American lady who arrived yesterday. We chatted about her visit and her history and how she came to AVP in India.


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