30 May 2016 #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

30 May 2016

Upon awakening this morning at 6am, I was tired. Even though yesterday wasn’t an extremely physically active day, the mental stimulation of exploring outside of the hospital tired me out more than previously thought. Sarah awoke at 6:10am with the same feeling of tiredness. However, treatment scheduled at 6:30am for her. Yesterday, she had a different treatment lady, and today her ‘regular’ treatment lady arrived at 6:30. We found out that Subhadra (her regular treatment lady) had yesterday off. Sarah headed off to treatment, and I caught up on my Internet affairs. If you’re interested in catching up with me, send me a message as I check my ‘screens’ (email, text, blog, etc) at this time as Sarah’s screen time is restricted during her treatment time here. Sarah has been incredibly diligent about following the recommendations set forth by the Ayurveda Institute: no phones, no screens, no Internet browsing, no exploring, staying on hospital grounds, decreasing stress, following a strict diet, and most importantly conforming to the routine every day. She continues to engage the mind in the healing process.

Brekky arrived at 7:30am, but I waited for Sarah to return from treatment to eat our favorite breakfast together: idiyappam. Idiyappam is a rice noodle dish with many chutneys on the side. Even though it’s not your ‘typical’ American brekky, it’s delicious. The menu does have ‘cornflakes’ listed on the menu, but Sarah & I have no intention of trying that as a brekky option.

We literally did nothing but read, chit chat, lounged until lunch time. We were waiting for Dr. Rani to update Sarah on her main treatment scheduled to start tomorrow. She said 6 people would be working on Sarah during treatment, and treatment would be intense. Sarah should expect to feel more tired with less energy. We received the ‘instruction sheet’ on the do’s and don’t’s during main treatment time. (see picture). Dr. Rani also asked Sarah about the possibility of extending. Sarah offered to extend until 17 June, but Dr. Rani suggested 3 weeks of ‘main treatment’. By the looks of it, we will be here (at AVP: Ayurveda Treatment Center (Coimbatore)) until 19 June then we catch our flight from Kerala (6.5 hr bus ride west of here) on 20 June.

Lunch arrived: white rice with many different chutneys. Lunch is always the biggest meal of the day listed as rice variety. Just remember: Indians eat with their hands (dad you’d love this :).

After lunch Sarah fell into her post principal nap, and I went for a walk. At this time, I was still trying to digest the information Dr. Rani administered to us earlier in the day: an additional 3 weeks here. The Ayurveda Treatment Center has been a great learning experience and has immersed me in Indian culture, but I’d like to see more of India. Sarah and I did discuss the possibility of me taking some 3-5 day trips outside of Coimbatore. During this walk outside the compound, I was in search of a bicycle. I figured with a bicycle, I would be able to venture out farther and climb some mountains- if possible. Even though I am not the one confined to the hospital grounds, I am adjusting to spending an additional 3 weeks here. Oh, and I failed to mention one of the new ‘rules’ for Sarah is that it is not recommended for her to leave the corridor (our floor). Therefore, no more walks around the compound. Dr. Rani calls it ‘house arrest’.

Afternoon tea with coconut for snack. They delivered the coconut with a silver dollar sized hole cut out of the top and a straw. We drank the coconut water straight from the coconut. Afterwards, we used our spoons to ‘scoop’ out the ‘meat’ of the coconut- delicious.

Dinner of Rice Servai (I ate in canteen with lots of spice) – Sarah ate hers in the room: bland. The rice servai is a type of rice noodle mixed (coloured yellow) with vegetables alongside chutneys. We both had tummy issues afterwards. Sarah attributes mine to ‘sympathy pains’. I don’t think we will be ordering that again.

We chit chatted and made one final walk around the compound before treatment starts at 6:30am for Sarah tomorrow.

The blogs may become less and less interesting as my day to day life will be more bland. However, I’ll try to add in the things I learn about Ayurveda and Indian culture.



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