26 May 2016 #savvytraveleraj224asia2016

26 May 2016

Last night I showered immediately prior to bed with my pajamas. Therefore, I went to sleep in wet clothes and slept a bit better. Upon awakening in the morning, I felt a bit more refreshed. Breakfast arrived at 7:30am: Idly (2nos) for Sarah and Dosa for myself. We each had a side of papaya with breakfast.

After breakfast, we dressed and prepared for the day ahead of us. We lounged, chit chatted, read, and waited for Sarah’s 10am treatment. When Sarah headed off to treatment, I went out to explore the city.

During this excursion, my goal was to reach the body of water viewed on the map. I started heading out in the direction of the body of water. I thought I was venturing in the correct direction, which I was, but 15 minutes after walking, I viewed my phone. I ended up west of the Ayurveda Institute, but a little bit more south than planned. As I was strolling through this neighbourhood, I enjoyed the views of the houses. The houses were small and crammed together- it reminded me of the set up of the houses on Catalina Island. The streets were not wide, but mopeds, scooters, motorcycles, and cars all seems to get along just fine. After continuing on my journey, I found this body of water: Valankulam. I slowly made my way around this body of water. There is no sidewalk or shoulder on the side of the road, but I walked anyway. As usual the horns were honking and cars, scooters, mopeds, we’re driving right along. Back in the states, I might have been a bit weary of walking on a road such as this, but here the drivers keep a respectable distance from you. At one point during this walk, a woman was herding 10 cows against traffic along this highway. Yes, the cows were in the middle of the street- blocking one full lane at some points. The woman scolded the cows only when they were walking slowly or venturing into the second lane. During my walk, many vendors were selling fruits and other edibles along the highway. As I turned onto the main road, I passed by many shops- with some selling clothes. As the colour of my skin and hair immediately turn people’s heads, I’m in search of a punjabi to blend in a bit more with the ‘locals’. I found a place that sells these, not keen on the colours or styles. However, I did take pictures to consult my fashion guru: Sarah. Other finds on my walk consisted of a post office and steel house. As I neared the Ayurveda Institute, I had to cross the street. There was a break in the road, and I slowly ventured out – following the crowds of mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles, not what I would have done in the states. Some of the moving vehicles were making right hand turns whereas others were making U-turns, & I wasn’t aware of who was doing what. However, I just followed the crowd and made it to the other side of the street in one piece without touching anyone. Yes, this feat was recorded on my camera- WHOA!

Remember how I took pictures at the punjabi shop and consulted with Sarah? She suggested to purchase one, now I have to decide on a colour, & return for purchase.

At 12 noon, I arrived back at the hospital just in time for lunch. We had mint rice with a variety of sauces for lunch. We ate to our bellies content. This is Sarah’s post prandial nap time. As she napped, I read and attempted to discover the interesting things in and around Coimbatore, India. The most interesting things I found were of interest to Sarah: Coimbatore being a textile industry. Also, many of the locals refer to Coimbatore as Kovai, India. Many of the guidebooks refer to Coimbatore as a stop over point before heading onto to Ooty or Kerala.

At 2pm, Dr. Dinil, Sarah’s primary doctor, entered the room for daily rounds. Sarah says ‘she’s feeling worse’ as in bloated and no energy, but ‘getting better’ as the digestive pain has decreased and the treatments are helping. However, she also knows that she will feel worse before feeling better.

As the time passed, we started a mini Yoga session where Sarah found out I am not as flexible or as strong as she. Sarah has been attending yoga classes regularly for 10 years and chuckled at my attempted yoga moves- especially downward dog. She explained the concept to me, but my body doesn’t move like hers. Even though I’m not as skilled as Sarah, she taught me some moves to increase my balance, posture, and strength. Over the the next 2-3 weeks, I may attempt to perform these yoga moves – without Sarah’s supervision to avoid her chuckles.

At 4pm, herbal tea and cookies arrived for afternoon tea. We sipped our tea while playing cards. Due to our limited knowledge of card games, we welcome suggestions of card games for 2 people as we have resorted to playing Uno with a standard 52 card deck. After we exhausted our playing card options, we sat outsider, visited with our neighbours, read, and chit chatted! Before dinner, we spotted a gecko on the inside walls of our room, and Sarah immediately called him ‘George’- now I’m sharing a room with Sarah & George.

At 7pm, dinner arrived: arrow root khanji and rice khanji. Even though this is a hospital, I haven’t been disappointed with the food. However, after tonight’s dinner I might venture out to explore more options. During our post dinner walk, we found the canteen! Canteen- the hospital cafeteria. The canteen serves the hospital food but with more spice. Therefore, I decided I will try the canteen tomorrow night for dinner. We returned from our 1/2 mile walk around the compound, attempted to stay awake until 8:30pm. We were ready for bed and read until 9:05p.


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