dear future husband

dear future husband,

thank you for loving me even when you did not know who I was – thank you for praying for me, even if you didn’t realize it was me – thank you for treating me (and every other lady) like a lady – thank you for remembering me – thank you for cherishing me – thank you for reminding me I am special – thank you for being a gentleman, even if it looks ridiculous in this day and age – thank you for your sacrifices for me – thank you for asking for my time – thank you for biting your tongue at some of my comments – thank you for pushing me just a little bit out of me comfort zone – thank you for being with me – thank you for allowing me to be independent – thank you for realizing I need my ‘me’ time – thank you for talking to me, even in depth and asking me about my feelings – thank you for not trusting me when I take the advice of others without thinking things out for myself – thank you for encouraging me to live my dreams – thank you – may I return the favor to you


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