i’m not boring; i’m not shy; i’m not conceited; i’m not stuck-up; i’m not your typical California valley girl – like what; i’m not rude; i’m not mad; i’m not depressed; i’m not disinterested; i’m not anti-social; yes, i’m listening; yes, i’m paying attention; yes, i can be stand-off-ish at times; when i’m working, i’m around people all day & that has a tendency to drain all of my energy; therefore, i need time to myself to gain that energy all over again – just to drain it again by conversing with others; i’m not bored – i can sit in the corner for hours watching people pass by; even though i may not say much, i’m hearing your body language; over the past couple of months, i’ve seen things i like and want to copy; on the other hand, there are those other things observed, i do not want in my life; please don’t classify or judge me the first time, i’m just me; God made me this way – to recharge alone, with Him, to glorify Him in this way; other people are extroverts and gain energy from other people- that’s not me; a friend of mine can be very overwhelming to me at times, and i need time to myself; as long as we understand this, we can be great friends and have real, honest conversations laced with truth & grace;



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