mistake – scared of getting close

my life isn’t perfect; I sin daily and my sins are no worse/better than other people’s sins; one area I fall short everyday is allowing others into my life; I’m really good at keeping people at an arms distance; I’ve slowly been realizing that I have a fear of allowing people to get close to me; I believe this terms from past experiences of being hurt in the past by ones I love; I feel as though I still love these people as they are still in my life, but I refuse to allow them to be close to me; God has been showing me this for the past year; I have been oblivious to this and/or have refused to see this; some people say that the naked body is beautiful, others say there’s so much you can hide with the clothes on; people’s personalities are different as well- some are transparent and will tell you anything; I’m not one of those people, I keep you at an arms distance- maybe even pushing you away until I don’t think you will hurt me; however, in doing this, it makes me lonely; I’m trying, but it doesn’t happen overnight; I need to trust in God that He will always be there for me, not to rely on other people for my happiness;


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