when you’re a rookie at a job, you usually get the shifts nobody else wants; i figured i’d be stuck with the night shift; i didn’t think it would be so bad; it’s not when i’m working 6 days in a row to knock out two weeks; however, i’ve noticed, the day after i get off of night shift, i feel sick; my sinuses are full, and i’m constantly tired; i worked wednesday, thursday, & friday last week – therefore, essentially giving me the weekend off; however, i lounged around all weekend; did some reading; didn’t feel like doing anything; i went out and bought some vitamins – hoping that would help; i’d be willing to work night shift as that was the position for which i applied; working night shifts has it’s perks: increase rate of pay, ability to think and decipher, time to understand pt’s diagnosis; however, i’m happy to be going back to day shift – have my life back, get into a workout routine, have a life!  Thank you!


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