chivalry is dead


at the beginning of this month, i thought chivalry was still alive. i was standing at the post office, a man started making conversation with me; i was in no mood to talk, but i did not want to seem rude, so i humored him by talking to him; he asked for my number; we exchanged names; he wrote down the digits;

did he call? NO – he sent me text messages – who does this? what is this world coming to when a man wants to take you out, but he asks you to drinks or dinner over a text message – i don’t understand this

he finally got the message as i was ignoring his offers – he called; i accepted; we met at the restaurant (i’ll give him this: he offered to pick me up, but i don’t know this guy; he doesn’t have the privilege of knowing where i live); i actually combed my hair and got all dressed up for this; he didn’t open the door for; he didn’t let me in first; he didn’t escort me to the table; he didn’t wait for me to sit down before he sat; we didn’t discuss what we were having; we didn’t even look at the menu – the waiter approached us and asked if we were ready to order; my ‘date’ said “yes” – nope, i wasn’t ready, we hadn’t even looked at the menus; i ordered a small soup because it’s the first thing i saw and it sounded delicious; we chatted; good conversation; no awkward moments; he finished his meal; the waiter came by; my ‘date’ asked for the check; mind you: i continued to sip my soup at this point; the waiter took his plate; my ‘date’ took the check, paid for it; my drink wasn’t even finished; we continued to chat; as soon as i was done with my soup, he asked “you ready to go?”; we walked out of the restaurant – he was in front, didn’t allow me to go first;

i’ve been told, i’m a bit old fashioned; i’ll get dolled up for you; treat me like a lady; open my door; wait for me; allow me to go first; review the menu with me; tell the waiter my order; wait for me to finish; create conversation; don’t rush me; give me a hug; kiss on the cheek first; don’t rush

chivalry is dead

note to my future dates
*call me first, don’t text
* treat me like a lady


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