mistake: not failing

as i mentioned last month, failure was not an option in my household as i was growing up; it was understood to attain good grades; attend high school; continue on to college, and grad school was encouraged; honestly, i didn’t feel as though i could make mistakes; if i made a mistake, it was publicized, and i felt bad for making the mistake; people pointed out my mistakes to me over and over and over again; therefore, i didn’t want to make any mistakes; sometimes, if i made a mistake, i would try and hide the mistake; this isn’t the right thing to do; the other day, i made a mistake and am now suffering the consequences of trying to hide the mistake i made; if i would have been honest about the mistake in the first place, admitted to the mistake, things might have been different; again God has an incredibly plan for my life; i’m learning to fail, make mistakes, and fess up to the mistakes i make because i am not perfect and i will continue to make mistakes; in saying all of this, pray for your children to fail, so they know what matters in life and what doesn’t


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