Olympus Stylus 1050 SW
purchased: July 2009
1st picture: 29 June 2009
last picture: 31 July 2013

this camera has been through some tough situations: snow, sleet, rain, rapids, rivers, streams, lakes, pools, oceans, showers, sand, graduation, relationships, friendships, bike rides, dropped, stepped upon, crushed, high altitudes; however, it has stood the test of time; it has taken some amazing pictures, even some really bad ones, crazy ones; captures moments in mid air; over the years, it has been with me, I’m sad to see it leave; I think it needs retirement; I’ve been looking at new cameras; I’m thinking my next camera will have to be waterproof as well or else it will die shortly after purchase as I will continue to haul the camera around with me; I’ve read reviews for the next cameras, now I need to start saving as there is a trip planned in October where many pictures will be taken- some deleted, some photoshopped, some printed, some cherished,

UPDATE: (19 August 2013): inserted completely charged camera battery – camera works with minor glitches!!!!



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