day 3 of camping

this morning, I woke up to the noise of an all terrain vehicle (ATV) cruising on the beach; I assumed it was early, and I peeked my head out of the tent; sure enough, there was a person on an ATV: he stopped a few yards from my tent and dismounted; be was wearing a headlamp and was respectful not to shine it in my direction; at this point, my nerves started to jump as I was camping alone on the beach; I quickly donned pants and kept a lookout; he walked up the beach, not in the direction of my tent; I continued to keep guard at the door of the tent; my tent window view was blocked by the rain/sun guard on the tent; a couple of minutes later, he returned to the ATV, mounted, and drove off; mindless to say, my nerves were still jumping; at this point, I finally looked at the clock: 0415; ouch- that’s early; I attempted many times to fall back asleep, but I just couldn’t shake my nerves; I finally arose out of the tent about 0550, and another man on an ATV approached again; walked the same way; I inquired about his search; he said ‘have you seen her?’; my response ‘who’s her?’; he continued his story about a turtle who has been frequenting the area; she had come up to the beach – near my tent – to nest; he said she had been digging around and came up between the hours of 12 midnight and 0400 AM; tonight, I might be more aware of the noises I hear and make a search for myself!

attempted to stay at the campsite a bit longer this morning, but the sun is brutal; with the lack of shade, it’s tough to convince myself to stay here; went for a quick dip in the ocean – to cool off; packed up some food (pb&j sandwiches & pretzels) and made the trek to the main beach; again walking 1/2 mile to the paved road then riding my bike 2 miles to the main beach; set up my stuff in the shade of the lifeguard towers and again went into the ocean; while in the ocean, a dolphin was out a little ways splashing around; not just swimming, but splashing around having a good time; after viewing that, I rinsed off, and ‘set up camp’ in the shade of the lifeguard tower; read a little bit;

then the shade was disappearing; went for another quick dip in the Gulf and moved up to the picnic table shade; thinking I must have called asleep on the benches at some point; journaled a bit, read a bit, and people watched; then back down to the lifeguard tower shade, some swimming, reading, journaling, people watching; about 4:39 in the afternoon, one more quick dip, rinse in the shower, then to make the trek back to the campsite;

arrived safe and sound; took down the rain guard as it didn’t look like rain; WOW- that made quite a difference in the temperature of the inside of the tent; the breeze really started cooling the tent; again, another dip in the water, walk on the beach, searching for seashells and other hidden treasures


– found a message in a bottle, but the date was yesterday, so I threw it back into the Gulf; more reading, more relaxing, more sitting in the beach listening to the waves roll in;

about 8:00pm, started seeing light flashes in the sky across the bay; called mom and dad to check the weather – still no word on rain, but clouds were rolling in; I got nervous, went out and reapplied the rain guard – it made for a warmer night with less breeze; the wind picked up and I had a difficult time sleeping with the flapping of the rain guard; broken sleep all night 😦


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