mistake: not coping

the other day, i read an article saying that chlidren need to learn to cope with the difficulties in life; if you don’t allow the child to work through a problem, the child will not attain the coping skills, which will continue into adulthood; so many times, we want to help the child finish the puzzle or get the correct answer, when in reality, we should allow the child to struggle to find their own way; as i was growing up, failure was not an option my household; everyone came to my rescue when things got tough; i lived a sheltered life; after reading this article, i realized i have a hard time with difficult situations; sometimes, i’m unsure how to respond to things; i don’t regret the life i have lived and i wouldn’t change it for the world; God gave me my family for a reason; God has allowed me to plan out my life, and He has thrown many curve balls into my life; i think i’m finally realizing how to cope with God by my side


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