game night

this evening, I came back to my place; sat outside playing on the iPad; one neighbor returned home wondering what to do; another neighbor was sitting close-by goofing off; yet another neighbor was punching the keys on the Facebook; I went inside, picked up catchphrase and took it out; another neighbor emerged from her front door to walk her dog; this new addition made the teams: girls vs. boys; boys won the first round, but the girls came back to win the next two rounds: girls rule, boys drool; it was fun watching the competition heat up, get tense, and end up in laughter & good clean fun; after three rounds of catchphrase, it was time for another game; one neighbor mentioned ‘Bop It’ – yep, I got it; fetched it from inside my apartment along with jacks and tangram; ended up playing the ‘pass it’ edition of ‘Bop It’ – never played int before tonight; after awhile and only being able to make three passes before a fail, we popped out the jacks – that didn’t last very long; watching 20 something year olds play jacks that 10 year old girls can play with their eyes clod was a sight to see; put me to tears from laughter; then came the banangrams, which turned out to be a hit; who would have thought what a great Sunday night with the neighbors and some games could be – let the friendships begin and the ‘words’ be pleasing to Him



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