for the past year, I have been looking for a wallet to throw in my back pocket; I started riding my bike around lots more about this time last year; I started dancing lots more as well; as much as I enjoy my wallet; I wanted something small to stash a bill or two and my ID – because I am always forgetting my ID; the long brown wallet I received as a gift and love it; the red one, I found at a thrift store, love it, but it doesn’t stash my ID well; then I paid a girl to make me the black & white wallet(love the colors); found the little brown one at a thrift store – found out I wasn’t a big fan of it; found the ‘a’ one at another thrift store for $0.99; however, all in all the wallet finally cost me $8; anybody in need of a new wallet; some I may re-gift, so probably shouldn’t be posting pictures; if you want/need a wallet for Christmas or birthday, I may have one for you; all have special touches in them; all of them (except the brown he in box) have my stamp of creativity;


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