flower bed

I have this area outside of my place, which I have always wanted to ‘do something’ with, but I didn’t know what; at first glance, I wanted to plant something there, but as Gina and I say ‘give us children and animals, we can care for them; we kill plants’; my neighbor and I were discussing it, she suggested a raised flower bed; I said ‘yes, I’m going to try this’; however, I wasn’t completely into it, and wasn’t going to go out and purchase supplies for the raised flower bed; she told me I had to get wood, something for the bottom, soil, and seeds; that sounded like lots of money; as I was driving I saw some wood in the side of the road; picked it up & put it in my car, found some banners to go on the bottom, and another neighbor had some dirt; when everything was together, we had to purchase nails because I didn’t have any that were long enough; we built it

here’s what it looks like standing up


before picture of the bottom:


one night my other neighbors saw it; they mentioned they wanted to paint; I asked them to paint it; Christina helped me plant the seeds; now it’s waiting time

God is continuing to teach me patience!


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