mistake: being too critical

over the years, I have been very quick to point out the mistakes of others while I fail to recognize the mistakes I have made; it reminds me of the verse Matthew 7:3 “why are you concerned about the speck of sawdust in your neighbors eye while you have a plank in your own”; it doesn’t matter what the other person has said or did, I’m quick to point out the wrong doings of them; this is something that I have been doing my entire life, I question everything!: sometimes this is a good thing, but other times it is not; I’ve offended friends, family, and strangers with this mentality; I’ve said some things that I wish I would not have said; it has become more evident to me in the more recent days; I realize having this mentality basically presents the idea to others that nothing they do will ever be good enough for me; I don’t want to be that person; I want to be thankful for the things other people graciously do for me; I don’t want to question their motives; I want to love them; I want to trust them; I want to believe them; I want to stop questioning them; I want to start saying ‘ok’, not arguing with them; please call me out on this; I can’t change overnight- it will be a slow gradual change;
The other day my friend phoned to ask me to pick up something and bring it to her; first off, this girl knows her stuff; she doesn’t usually make mistakes or misspeak; I questioned her saying ‘I think you already have that at the house’ she gently responded with ‘I don’t think so’; sure enough, I picked up the item, brought it to her house, and she didn’t have it; I’ve got to change, stop questioning, start believing the best


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