toothpicks: a pointed instrument (as a slender tapering piece of wood) for removing food particles lodged between teeth

I discovered a couple of other uses for these things called toothpicks – something I didn’t know; one of the things I discovered: it should be a part of everyone’s everyday uses because it (the toothpick) reminds us to pick out the good qualities in others; however, on a completely separate note, I found out that if a piece of wood is stripped, break off pieces of the toothpick into the stripped piece of wood and start to screw again; the screen now has something to grab onto – therefore, making it useful and sturdy, not flimsy; couple of days back, I purchased a wooden organizer; during the assembly, it was found to be stripped; this made me sad; after a phone call or two, I tried the toothpick trick and it worked; oh how I have a new love for toothpicks now!


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