on the road . . . again

Here’s an update on my life . . . for now

2013 is already proving to be an adventure. During my unemployment time, I have been able to spend time with 100% of my family members – traveling to Salt Lake City, UT, Boise, ID, Chicago, IL, Greenville, NC, Tucson, AZ, and all throughout California – I am blessed!

UC Davis Medical Center (UCDMC) phoned for a position in their nurse residency program on the orthopedic unit. I traveled to NorCal to interview with them – then spent time with family & friends, observed a former player of mine (when I was an AYSO coach in 2005) play soccer – boy has he improved and understand the game, kicked up my heels at my old stomping ground (the Davis Grad), even had time to get some snowboarding in the Sierras! While in NorCal, I had a phone interview with Children’s of Alabama for a position in a pediatric nurse residency program, which I have prayed for this opportunity.

I returned to SoCal to tour friends around Los Angeles & Long Beach to visit the beaches, splash in the waves, bike ride on the strand, dance on the sand, etc., eat at Bubba Gump, hike to the Hollywood sign and along the coast, discover the tide pools once again, and view the gorgeous sunsets for which SoCal is famous!

After 4 weeks of waiting for an update on the status of my application/interview with UCDMC, I have not received any word. However, I received an official letter of employment for a position in Children’s of Alabama nurse residency program. My heart was uneasy about leaving California – all of my family and friends – to start a career on the other side of the country – in da South!!! After special consideration and time in prayer, I have decided to pursue my dream of becoming a pediatric registered nurse. Children’s of Alabama is a place where ‘nursing whites are out and spongebob sqaurepants are in’ & ‘knowledge of chutes ‘n’ ladders and play station are job requirements’. This sounds like the perfect job for me. It is a position as a Staff Nurse 1 in the pediatric nurse residency program. It has been a long wait, but it’s exactly for what I have asked (except that its in Alabama). I’m lucky to be able to jump on this opportunity.

I ask for your continued love, support, and prayer during this time in my life as I start my nursing career in unfamiliar territory. As soon as I have a place to call my own, I will update you with my address – as I love snail mail.

Thank you!


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