live now

over the past 5 months, i’ve been thinking: i’ll start doing this when i get a job . . . when i get my own place . . . when i get settled; however, for me, i’m never settled; in the past 13 years, the longest i’ve lived at one place was a 15 month lease in Arizona – i actually signed a lease; granted, i was in the same house in Davis, CA for 3.5 years, but didn’t sign a lease; after talking about him (JWH) this weekend, i realized, i’m not living my life; i’m waiting to live my life; thanks, for the reminder – start living now; He gave us this life to live, not to take for granted or start living at a later date; therefore, i’ve received a job offer as a pediatric RN in a residency program, which is exactly what I want, at Children’s of Alabama; i keep saying “i’m waiting for UCDMC to get back to me” – i need to stop doing that, and start living; i’m packing up my things, and getting ready to move to Alabama – if that’s where He wants me, that’s where I will go; I will go where You lead me; i’m living, planning on trekking over to Alabama; nothing is set in stone, and the wind may pick up and the feather may float away to another place . . . soon


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