being a girl

for those of you who don’t know: I’m a girl: a strong, independent, stubborn girl; I have girlish antics and act like a girl at times; when I’m stressed I want you near probably to cry on your shoulder, most people don’t know it, but I cuss when I’m upset; I want to be the center of attention when I’m sad or mad or stressed, not any other time; I get irritated and agitated with people when they can’t read my mind; for that I am sorry; today, my stress levels rose, and my girlish tactics were in full force; Bumpy Highway played it well and smoothed out the road for me; I need a man who is strong enough to be a man in the traditional sense: treat me like a lady, respect me, know the three instances when a man should walk in front of the lady & always – always take the lead; I may seem strong, but I want my man to lead; if you lead me, I will follow; be a man and STEP UP (that’s a movie)


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