Davis Grad

Last night, I went to the Davis Grad; 12 years ago, I first started at the Grad, jumping into line dances I didn’t know, slowly started to pick up the steps as I followed the more experienced dancers; over the years, I’ve learned dances well enough to follow, and a couple well enough to lead/teach; then I end up putting my own spin on the dances while still keeping the beat; it’s so much fun; last night, I realized people have changed, dances have changed – I guess that’s what the years do; a handful of people knew the dances and the other 90% of the people on the dance floor did not know the dances; this made it difficult to learn the dances; one of the dances skipped an entire 4 count within the dance – I refused to participate in that dance; my love for dancing increased with the introduction of the Davis Grad – thanks to Tom Hansen, BS, DVM; my love for dancing continued throughout the years; when the music would change to accompany a couple/partner dance, I’d love it because it gave me a chance to rest; last night, I searched the floor for a guy who was able to 2-step; I didn’t want to rest, I wanted to dance; the reason for this is because Tucson, AZ, where I spent 15 months, only had partner dancing, no line dancing; I learned to follow the guy’s lead; very few guys in at the Davis Grad knew how to two step; this was the time I missed the energy and the dance style of Joe; can’t wait until the time comes when I’m always out on the dance floor dancing the night away to line dances as well as partner dances – the day will come; one just needs to learn patience


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