all shapes and sizes

I have friends of all shapes and sizes; I have toys of all shapes and sizes; I have clothes of all shapes and sizes; I have looks of all shapes and sizes; I have personalities of all shapes and sizes; my friends are too skinny, thin, average, ‘more to love’; I have small toys, electronic toys, creative toys, big toys, dangerous toys, and deadly toys; I have clothes that are too small, just right, and too big, not to mention other people’s clothes as well; my looks have changed over the years as well; some of my friends like to get out and be active, others like to watch movies and veg out; some of my friends talk to me once a year, once a month, and once daily; whatever the case may be, I love them all regardless of how they appear on the outside; I perceive them differently than other people; sometimes I end up being too critical of people; I forgot to remember that my perception of what other people are doing is different than what is really going on; sometimes I am too critical or judgmental of what I think other people should be doing; a friend of mine purchased a ‘vacation rental home’ – I thought they had money growing on trees due to their lavish spending lifestyle – and I though they inherited money as well; I just came to find out that they have no money in their savings account and she is freaking out a little bit; another friend of mine, I thought she had a little bit in savings and didn’t understand how she didn’t – only to find out, she’s just barely making her rent and living off of free food; one of my other girlfriends bought a house and is successfully managing her finances – I never thought this would be a possibility for her; other friends never seem to have enough time for me, again, I figured I just wasn’t that high of a priority on their list – almost bailed on the relationship until I ‘forced’ myself into their life; then after being with them for a couple of days, I realized my perception of their life was nothing like it really was; friend’s lives are complicated – they have other things going on that are bigger than the relationship they have with me; it pains them that they don’t have the time they want to spend with the people they love because of their job demands, because of the stress they are experiencing, because they know they need that quiet/alone/God time in order to be the person you would want as a friend; sometimes, we perceive things differently than they really are; our perceptions of other people come in all shapes and sizes, but hang in there!


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