I’ve always loved to dance – usually to the beat of my own drum, but dancin’ none the less; in college I was introduced to country line dancing by friends and a boy I liked; we made it a weekly thing if going to the Davis Grad at least once a week – sometimes more because I lied within walking distance to the place; I moved to Oxnard and made the trek every week to a country bar in Thousand Oaks; I remember that I would miss Grey’s Anatomy to go country dancin’; I wasn’t any good at the partner dances, but I received some help and pointers from a couple of the guys there; the dancing faded until I moved to Palm Springs, but that was another kind of dancing there for a little while – until I found friends who were willing to drive an hour to a country bar; then in Tucson, AZ I found a place that ONLY did partner dancin’ – I was devastated : no line dances?; week after week, I would stand all by my lonesome on the side of the dance floor looking like a fool until a sucker would ask me to dance; I learned a lot, but I’m still not good – have so much more to learn; then energy came and he twirled me all around the dance floor; over the past 3 weeks, I have hit the dance floor and kicked up my heels at a country bar; I love it and I miss it; I can’t wait to find that place again where I am truly happy and knowing all of the moves and learning new ones; honestly, I think I’d like to take lessons to be able to comprehend the dance and truly follow my man, but he’s got to lead first! I think I’ll be a dancer: sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow – life’s a dance!!


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